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Apple Proves Relevance Of AR, IKEA Will Help

ikea-augmentedreality-top Apple Proves Relevance Of AR, IKEA Will HelpAR Will Dominate As Smartphones Begin Incorporating Technology

There is a wide debate amongst tech enthusiasts and tech reporters about the relevance of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Which technology will rise to prominence in the mainstream.

Both technologies are mind blowing. Both technologies are “cool” at least to the tech community. Personally, I believe that AR will be the dominant technology and it will come sooner rather than later. I believe that virtual reality will never outgrow the “geek” stigma of needing VR goggles and things to hold in your hand. Virtual Reality will always be cool for gaming but mainstream uses will be minimal.

This Tuesday as Apple held its annual pre-holiday product event they unveiled several amazing pieces of technology. While everyone is oogling over the iPhone X to me the most interesting announcement was the expected release of the Apple Watch Series 3 and the fact that we may see a world one day without phones at all, but until then, Apple keeps pushing out some of the smartest of smartphones.

The second big announcement (outside of the phones themselves) was Augmented Reality integration across the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Personally, I feel it was a big mistake to demon AR with a game, a 30 year old executive might not appreciate the value of walking around their living room playing a first person shooter.

What they may appreciate though is technology being introduced by grocery stores, automotive manufacturers and even Ikea.

Next week Ikea will debut an enhanced mobile app featuring Augmented Reality which will allow users to pick through the thousands of pieces of furniture in the Ikea catalog and place it in their homes using the app.

Basically you’ll hold your phone in landscape mode with the app on. You’ll see your room through your cameras lense and you’ll be able to pick furniture and sit it down in your room on your screen.

ikea-augmented-2 Apple Proves Relevance Of AR, IKEA Will HelpNow you will be able to see if that retro style like green couch looks good with your love seat and coffee table. You’ll be able to see if that book shelf set really does fill up your home office. You’ll even be able to see if those kitchen cabinet doors look good in your kitchen. Then you’ll be able to click and buy. You love it right?

Grocery store chains are developing Augmented Reality that will be able to tell you if the fruit looks fresh. They will also use Augmented Reality that will let you look at a food item and get recipe ideas, even giving you the aisles to go to, to pick up the other ingredients.

Auto Manufacturers will use AR to let you scan that new truck in the lot and see what it would look like in other colors or with other options.

When you combine AR with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big data you’ll see a world where you can take your phone out in your accountants waiting room and see the cost of that pretty credenza and where to buy it.

Virtual Reality may clearly be the future of really cool gaming but AR in the mainstream arrived next Friday and IKEA’s registers are ready.

  • Jojob

    I’ll agree that AR will flourish sooner and become ubiquitous, while the spread of VR will be slower due to its need for greater computing power.
    Eventually, that power will be available and truly portable.
    I’m not interested in shooters, one-person or multiplayer. But, I’d love to roam the actual streets of Barcelona this weekend. Or maybe an actual game preserve in Africa. Or possibly James Cameron’s Pandora, where I can peek through the Jungle and see some Na’vi nearby. I’ve experienced some VR simulations that left me feeling very refreshed. I can imagine a 15 minute VR break being very valuable in an otherwise exhausting work day.

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