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Bloom Wins Sir Richard Branson’s XTC contest

On Tuesday, the Extreme Tech Challenge announced the winners of the competition. If you have not heard of the competition, it is a year-long startup competition put on by MaiTai Global, with participation from Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson. The event culminates, after a round of pitches at the Consumer Electronics Show, with the top three companies pitching Branson and others at the Virgin CEO’s private island. Here is what we wrote a few months ago:

The Extreme Tech Challenge, as the name implies, is pretty damn extreme. The contest is the first startup contest to run in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show. The top-10 will be given the stage to pitch at CES, with the top 3 receiving a chance to pitch Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson at his private island.

After the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, the field was narrowed down to three startups: Giroptic, Sphero, and Bloom. Here is what we wrote about Giroptic before CES:

Giroptic has built an incredible camera. “Three optics, three sensors, and just one video of photo file gets out…In a press of a button you’ll get to capture incredible 360° equirectangular video footages at a resolution of 2K (2048 x 1024) at up to 30 frames per seconds, and stunning 4K pictures (4096 x 2048).” 1What’s more, the camera works underwater.

Sphero is pretty cool as well:

World-renowned company behind Star Wars’ beloved droid BB8, Third Place winner Sphero is redefining how people learn through play utilizing consumer friendly connected devices. Among their most popular products are smartphone controlled consumer robots such as the BB8. Coming soon will be “The Force” which utilizes a wristband controller, allowing people to control their devices through motion based gestures.2

Giroptic and Sphero took second and third respectively. And without any further ado, the winner of the 2016 Extreme Tech Challenge was Bloom Technologies:

Bloom-Image Bloom Wins Sir Richard Branson's XTC contest

Bloom has built an incredible piece of prenatal baby tech. The first product, Belli, is a sensor for those expectant mothers who are in the third trimester of pregnancy. Essentially, the sensor listens to and measures bio-electrical signals from the both the mother and unborn child, to help predict and manage preterm births:

Belli Bloom Wins Sir Richard Branson's XTC contest

First Place Winner Bloom Technologies brings the latest in prenatal technology straight to the mother’s fingertips, simplifying the journey for expectant parents everywhere. By crowdsourcing the largest and most comprehensive dataset on prenatal health, Bloom Technologies has created a way to better predict and manage preterm birth. Bloom Technologies’ wearable smart device for mothers-to-be to wear during their third trimester helps the mother better understand how her body is preparing for labor and easily tracks the progression once labor has begun.3

Applications are already open for the 2017 Extreme Tech Challenge. Head on over to F6s to apply.