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Foldimate Pitches At Techstars CES Competition [VIDEO]

Watch Foldimate Pitch At CES 2017

Foldimate-1 Foldimate Pitches At Techstars CES Competition [VIDEO]

Foldimate is a robotic machine that folds clothes for you. Late last year we started seeing ads and videos on Facebook of this amazing invention.

At around $800 Foldimate may be too pricey for some folks, but really can you put a price on time? Have you ever sent excess clothing to the dry cleaner just because you didn’t feel like folding? Of course you have. So that in itself makes the Foldimate a machine that would be welcomed in laundry rooms across the world.

How the Foldimate works.

The Foldimate draws clipped clothing into the inner part of the machine. A series of robotic parts, flip, fold and then flatten the clothes. While in the machine clothes are freshened up with a steam, perfume and fabric softener regimen similar to the Whirlpool Swash. The finished product is clothes folded, great creases and a crisp fresh senation.

Foldimate is taking preorders now and hopes to start shipping later this year or early next year. At CES 2017 they said they’re in the process of raising a $3 million dollar seed round. They also have a potential customer list of over 100,000. They’re also negotiating partnerships with appliance manufacturers across the globe to get Foldimates into homes quicker.

The machine is smaller than your average clothes dryer. It can handle folding clothes from kids sizes up to XXL. It can’t fold linens, underwear, socks, and baby clothes.

“I created FoldiMate as my wife claims I am one of the worst laundry folders in the world. She’s right. I hate it! There is a lot of laundry when you have three children and folding is tedious. I wanted to help her.” Foldimate CEO and Founder Gal Rozov said.

Lines were long at the Foldimate booth at CES and at the Showstoppers press event.

Check out Rosov’s pitch at the Techstars Startup Stage in Eureka Park:


More Foldimate facts:

  • Can handle medium-sized items like shirts, pants and towels
  • Can’t fold small or large items like underwear, socks and bed sheets
  • Clip capacity is 15 to 20 garments
  • Takes 10 seconds to fold one item, 20 to 30 seconds to dewrinkle
  • Measures 28x32x31 inches (71cm x 81cm x 79cm) and weighs 66 pounds (30kg)
    • Dimensions similar to typical home clothes dryer
  • Uses standard 110V / 220V electrical power

Foldimate plans to ship in 2018

  • FoldiMate

    Thanks for this great write-up. Please note that first shipments are aimed at the end of 2018. At the end of 2017 we will be opening pre-orders. It is possible to pay a deposit now on our website to receive priority shipping and 10% discount.

    We also will probably not be using steam, but a different technique for the de-wrinkling. This will avoid the need to attach FoldiMate to a water outlet.