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And Now, There’s A Quickbooks For Crypto

blox-top-1 And Now, There's A Quickbooks For Launches “Quickbooks For Crypto”

One of the biggest complaints we hear when there’s talk about investing in crypto, or taking crypto for your business, is how are you going to manage it. It’s not like you can just easily manage your crypto holdings, assets and cashflow using Quickbooks in the cloud or anything like that.

Until Now…

Tel Aviv-based launched Blox Business – “Quickbooks for Crypto” – managing, tracking and reporting platform for crypto assets.  Blox Business is currently tracking and helping companies manage over $2B in various crypto assets and is on track to manage more than 10% of all crypto assets by the end of 2018.  The new platform is already being used by several market leaders such as eToro, Wings, CIVIC, Coinsilium, Aeternity, Chainlinker capital, Startup Token and many others.

Creating Financial Tools For a $500B Industry

Companies like QuickBooks introduced a simplified, easy to use and intuitive set of tools to the world in order to help manage and organize the financial needs of a company. This includes helping to manage cash flows, payments, salaries and tax reports.

With more companies and institutions managing large amounts of crypto assets, many companies are finding it difficult to successfully manage their books and finances. Adding to this, cryptocurrencies are the most volatile asset class in financial history, making the challenge even greater.

Looking at the $50B+ market of customizable accounting solutions, it is only natural that the largest potential market growth for this industry will be the rapidly growing $500B cryptocurrency industry.

blox-top And Now, There's A Quickbooks For Crypto

Whats in the Blox?

Blox Business is the first to provide organizations with the ability to customize – according to their users’ needs – a complete set of tracking and reporting tools for crypto. offers automatic and intuitive integrations for multiple exchanges and wallet accounts including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Kraken and many more. The platform is available on iOS, Web and Android, accessible with a single, cross-device login and high level asset performance reports.

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