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Cardiomo Smart Patch Provides Critical Heart Data

Ukraine Startups’ Cardiomo Smart Patch Provides Critical Heart Data

Cardiomo-top Cardiomo Smart Patch Provides Critical Heart Data

There’s a new smart connected healthcare device that may deliver all the cardiac data patient’s have been looking for. A Ukraine Startup called Cardiomo Care has released the new Cardiomo smart monitoring patch.

The first of it’s kind smart health monitoring device continuously tracks important vital data “with the accuracy that doctors trust” the company says on their website. The startup, led by Roman Belkin, has developed a unique algorithm which notices abnormalities in the heart’s operation and provides recommendations to take preventative measures. Combine that with artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the device can help predict, thus prevent heart disease.

Cardiomo-2 Cardiomo Smart Patch Provides Critical Heart Data

“Globally, 30% of people die because of cardiovascular diseases, according to recent researches. More than half of those people could be alive, if alerted about early symptoms of CVD.” the company said.

Through it’s companion app Cardiomo can quickly notify you of any abnormalities to your heart rate and other data. From there you can schedule an appointment with your doctor and then refer back to the important data.

The smart patch is worn right under the heart and connected to the body via adhesive electrodes. The device then syncs with it’s smartphone app and the data is stored in the cloud for safe keeping and for review. The device is always on and can quickly alert a user to any abnormality, as well as provide possible consequences. If the alert is severe in nature and the user doesn’t react, it then reaches friends or relatives via the user’s smartphone to let them know that the person could be in trouble. This makes the device especially appealing to those recovering from a heart condition and elderly, yet active patients.

The company has been working on this for the last 77 weeks. They have over 800 people signed up for the beta test and 38 Cardiologists on the team or advisory board. The device was developed with the help of some of those Cardiologists to make sure that it was providing way more information than the latest Fitbit or Apple Watch.

You can preorder your Cardiomo here. 

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