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PhoneSoap A Tanning Bed For Your Phone

PhoneSoap-open PhoneSoap A Tanning Bed For Your PhoneWhat’s the dirtiest thing you own? If you said the toilet you’re wrong. If you said that dirty old pair of socks under the bed, you’re still wrong. Your wireless smartphone is the dirtiest thing you own. Some say that a smartphone is 18x dirtier than a dirty toilet. Think about that for a second. That’s gross.

So many people take the phone into the bathroom. They touch their phone with dirty hands from just about anything and many phones live in very dirty belt clip cases or in pockets, which are even more dirty.

The folks at PhoneSoap, a company based in Provo Utah and that’s appeared on Shark Tank, have fixed that problem with a UV Ray device that sanitizes the smartphone.  Check out our brief interview video that talks all about the PhoneSoap below:

“When people in New York City were asked which they thought was dirtier — the sole of your shoe, a toilet seat or a cell phone — the answer was overwhelmingly the toilet seats. But they were wrong — your cell phone is more filthy.”– ABC News”

The original PhoneSoap is the size of a tanning bed, for a smartphone. The box like device features ultraviolet lights and a charging mechanism that will allow the user to charge their phone while it’s sanitizing. The sanitizing process only takes a few minutes and when it’s done it automatically stops, while continuing to charge the phone.

phonesoap-inbox PhoneSoap A Tanning Bed For Your Phone

Phonesoap is just $59.95 and is available now, here. They’ve introduced a PhoneSoap device for iPads and another for multiple iPads which should be a huge hit for schools and other institutions that use multiple iPads.