Awesome Inc Is Doing Awesome Things With Awesome Kids

There is no question that there is a huge gap in programming jobs and programming instruction. Just take a look at the image above. The demand for programmers is at an all time high. The supply of good programmers, though growing, is now where near able to keep up with this demand. That said, there are several coding initiatives popping up all over the place.

Awesome Inc. leading the charge in Lexington, KY. Awesome Inc. is at the epicenter of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Lexington. Awesome Inc. is a combination startup accelerator/co-working space/code school. The coding programs are quite noteworthy. Awesome Inc. has two different educational tracks:

Awesome Inc. U consists of hyper-focused à la carte code courses. These courses tend to be focused around a specific platform – iOS development or Android development – or around a specific programming language – Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, or Unity for example. One of the most interesting programs that Awesome Inc. U offers is the K-12 Week of Code.  Here is their description of the program:

Instead of your kids spending their summer playing apps, what if they spent their summer learning to write them? This camp for middle and high school students will teach the fundamentals of coding. Students will create websites, mobile apps and learn to design video games all while having fun with our energetic team. By the end of the week, each student will have built at least 1 web page, mobile app, and video game using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android, and Unity 3D. We keep this camp small to ensure everyone gets very focused attention and learns at their own pace. Prepare to be amazed!1

The second track is the Awesome Inc. Academy. The Academy, also geared towards kids, is a more in-depth, more intensive 15-week program. The Academy is described as such:

  • Targeted towards middle school and high school students
  • 15-week program, 2 nights per week, plus weekend activities
  • Make your own Apps, Games and Websites
  • Learn principles of computer science
  • Includes showcase in October & contest in December2

It is great to see all of these coding programs popping up all over the U.S. Be on the lookout, we will be covering this topic in-depth as the weeks go on.