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It’s Started: Object Theory is the 1st HoloLens Development Firm

We keep hearing about how virtual reality is going to take over the world. Facebook made a $2 billion dollar bet on the future of the industry. That said, there has been little to no trickle down yet. Sure, there are a few good applications of VR here and there, but there has yet to be mass adoption. Well, a new company – Object Theory – founded by Microsoft and Walmart Labs alumni are making a bet on a different platform, augmented reality, specifically Microsoft’s upcoming HoloLens hardware.

The formation of a development firm, is hardly news. That said, the scope and focus of Object Theory’s business is incredibly unique. Furthermore, they are the first firm, at least to go on the record, to be focused exclusively on the HoloLens platform. Before diving into the company, it is important to note that the HoloLens is quite different from the VR platforms out there. More than creating an alternate reality, or offering immersion into a game or program, the HoloLens adds a layer of information and data to the physical world. It can, for example, put up a screen showing, say, a YouTube video on any flat surface, or show you a circuit diagram when you are working on a device of some sort.

Holo It's Started: Object Theory is the 1st HoloLens Development Firm

Object Theory has put together, what seems to be, the perfect team to work on such an undertaking. The company is headed by Raven Zachary – who sold his mobile development shop to Walmart Labs back in 2012 – and Michael Hoffman – who actually worked on the HoloLens development team. While Object Theory is the first such firm, they will not be the last. Check out this video of some of the capabilities of the HoloLens platform, or check out this longer video from the Windows 10 Event(30 Min:

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