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Cards Against Rap, Meet Vers The Freestyle Rap Game

Northeastern University Entrepreneur Creates Rap Card Game

spatch-vers-top Cards Against Rap, Meet Vers The Freestyle Rap Game

Board games have come back. Games like Cards Against Humanity have made gathering around the living room common place for twenty somethings and millennials. You know what else is popular between those age groups? Rap!

We’ve all seen rap battles. We’ve even seen the kind of battles where someone picks a topic and two aspiring rappers battle it out. It’s a lot of fun, and extremely entertaining. According to 21 year old Jerry Spatch, freestyle rap is a great mental exercise as well.

Spatch, a freestyle rapper and entrepreneur, hales from Southern California and is currently attending Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. He’s taken his love of games and freestyle rap and created Vers the freestyle rap card game. The game features 400 cards that offer suggestions, and topics for the players to rap about. He’s found that Vers is a great game for all ages, even school aged children.

With one card that said “whole, hole, bowl” and another that said “chicken”, 14 year old Daniel Hunter made up the rap; “I’m so hungry, I could eat a whole chicken. I’m so hot, this place is like a burning hole, tip me over, I’m curry in a bowl”.

This could mean that Spatch’s game could end up in schools everywhere.

Right now he’s seeking to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter and at the time of this article he was already over $6000. It looks like he will make his goal by the May 24th deadline.

Spatch told the Huffington Post that he came up with the idea after fresstyling at a college party.

Jerry-spatch Cards Against Rap, Meet Vers The Freestyle Rap Game“Afterwards people would come up to me and say things like, ‘That’s amazing, how does your mind work so fast?’” Spatch told The Huffington Post. “And I started to think, ‘If I can do this, why can’t they?’ Freestyling is a mental exercise, it’s not like a piano or guitar where you have to strategically train your fingers.”

For Spatch, and his company producing the game, Spatch Games, this isn’t just about freestyling and rap. He is also hoping to champion diversity in the table top game space.

“When you look at the tabletop segment, it’s extremely, extremely non-diverse and it has a very noticeable impact on the games produced,” Spatch said.

Spatch noticed that while looking on Kickstarter there were a lot of dragon, cowboy and role playing games. There haven’t been a lot of games in an Urban segment, a segment that permeates with millennials of all races.

“It’s very likely the majority of the development team [for these games], and possibly the whole, is not representative of the culture,” he said. “More diverse people in games would likely mean more diverse and relevant games; as opposed to the current state of the industry, where it’s saturated with a lot of the same.”

You can check out Vers on Kickstarter here.