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Look Like Daft Punk At The Movies And Block The Crunch

This Guy Has Created The Shhhhhhhelmet To Enjoy The Movies Like Daft Punk And No Crunch

Shhhhhhhhelmet-1 Look Like Daft Punk At The Movies And Block The Crunch

Omar Zain has identified a problem that everyone knows all too well. Every time you go to the movies you almost always get stuck next to someone that doesn’t know how to eat or drink quietly. After the Coca Cola promo video runs at the beginning of the movie, there’s always some smart ass that slurps on their drink just as loudly or heck, even louder. There’s also always somebody around who doesn’t know the proper decibel level to eat popcorn or nachos. Those things can annoy the crap out of any movie go-er.

So Zain, an entrepreneur from Dubai, and a sound engineer, has created the Shhhhhhhhelmet. As you may suspect the helmet is sound proof. It has a microphone on the top that looks pretty much like a Roade boom mic. You’ll also find a big enough hole in the front of the mask to be able to enjoy your own soda and popcorn.

It’s the first helmet of it’s kind specifically designed to cancel the crunchy noises in the movie theater.

It’s built with a very sturdy synthetic resin. The microphone has noise cancelling functionality and what you hear in your ears is the movie minus the crunch.

Seriously if the noise is that much of a bother to you than you need to get over to the Indiegogo page now and sign up to preorder the noise cancelling helmet. We can’t guarantee any theater manager in the United States would ever let you into the theater wearing this mask. And of course the people behind you are going to have a problem with your helmet and microphone protruding up from your seat but lets deal with that when your helmet arrives.

And now watch the video: