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Perfekt Your Tech To Offer Easy To Understand Tech Video Series

Former Airforce Communications Tech Creates Easy To Perfekt Video Series

Perfekt-top Perfekt Your Tech To Offer Easy To Understand Tech Video Series

Everyone knows that today you can hop onto YouTube and type a couple strokes into your keyboard and find thousands if not millions of videos on anything in the world. You may find a great explainer video on how to install Nougat on your Android device from one Youtuber. You may find a video on cyber security from another YouTuber. You may also find another video on how to program your Nest from another YouTuber. The problem is, without bloating your bookmarks, it’s tough to refind all these Youtubers and the one with the great Android video may not know a thing about Nest.

That’s why video series’ are often the best place to learn. Think about it for a second,  information series have always been a great way to keep someone informed. This goes all the way back to the 1970’s when Time Life Books were a thing.

A former Airforce telecommunications Technician, Zachary Lundberg, has taken to Kickstarter to fund an ongoing video series called “Perfekt Your Tech”. The Texas native promises to create an informational and instructional video series that’s also fun and entertaining. With that recipe for success, viewers should be able to rely on one series to learn an abundance of useful tech knowledge.

“Lets face it, most of the videos you see on these types of topics currently are in a mono-tone voice, or so boring the viewer loses interest and closes the video.  PyT will mix humor and entertainment into the video as well as the occasional Live Q&A.” Lundberg says on his Kickstarter page.

I know his name is Lundberg how entertaining can it be (horrible Office Space reference for those post millennials not in the know).

Lundberg wants to bring a focus on information security to the mix as well.

“You ask 10 people what their opinion on the current social media applications and they will snap you back educated responses on the various features of each application.  You then ask those same 10 people what permissions those same applications have on their device and they will stand there with a blank stare.” Lundberg asks. And of course in this instance we know he’s right.

The recently launched campaign is looking for $1,000 to get things rolling. Check it out here. 

  • PerfektioN

    I am setting up a Live Q&A for anyone that has questions regarding this project. I am looking to create a video database covering technology with emphasis on information security. This will be geared towards technical and non-technical people. Its amazing what a small amount of knowledge can do for securing your personal information.