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Rider Tech Is The First Wireless LED Signal Light For Helmets

Miami Startup Creates Incredible Safety Tool For Bikers

Rider-Tech-Top Rider Tech Is The First Wireless LED Signal Light For Helmets

More and more folks have picked up riding a bicycle these days, especially in big coastal cities like Miami, Venice Beach and San Diego. People are electing to get fit by riding their bicycle too and from work. Others prefer the solitude of a bike ride than the stop and go of driving into work. And of course there’s still millions of recreational riders.

Although just about everyone learns the bicycle hand signals in grade school, no one can remember which signal is a right turn and which is a left. And even bicycle riders themselves get frustrated when behind the wheel of a car. It’s hard to let vehicles, pedestrians and other bike riders know which way you’re about to turn.

You can pick up one of these turn signal doo-hickeys, but they look way better on a 10 year olds BMX than a 25 year old’s hybrid.

With that, and safety in mind, Miami startup Rider Tech has created the first wirless LED Signal Light For Helmets.

The team of avid cyclists have created an LED safety light signal band that will work with just about any helmet. This isn’t a special fancy helmet, the team at Rider Tech has designed the signal light to fit the masses.

The light band works in conjunction with a remote that fastens to a bike’s handlebars. The remote has a button for left turn, right turn and stop. The band has amber lighted arrows for right and left turns and a red LED in the middle for stop. This makes it easy for any rider to let anyone behind them know what they are doing.

“When you’re not visible, you’re not part of the traffic, you’re the road” the company says on their Kickstarter page.

Features of the RiderTech light

  • Wireless signal light band and remote
  • 30 piece super bright built in LED lights
  • Water and dust proof with all weather IPX55 rating
  • Micro-USB rechargeable batteries
  • 4 signal modes
  • innovative design
  • easy, no tools required installation

Aside from fastening the remote to the handlebars and the light to your helmet the RiderTech is pretty much plug and play.

You can preorder today from their Kickstarter Page here.