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Tampa Bay Founder Of Marbel Shares When To Read And When Not To Read

Marbel-Skateboard1 Tampa Bay Founder Of Marbel Shares When To Read And When Not To ReadLife’s been a roller coaster ride of sorts recently for Matt Belcher founder and face of Marbel a company which created a skateboard controlled by your smartphone.

Marbel came onto the scene fast, but at a time when other electric vehicles were starting to get noticed. Laster year when we were covering OneSpark in Jacksonville, current Nibletz Managing Editor Drew Thompson got to try the skateboard out, and loved it.

That was before the team behind Marbel had actually made it to Kickstarter. When they did arrive on the crowdfunding platform they quickly surpassed their $90,000 goal which would have seen sales of about 100 boards. The Tampa Bay based company ended up taking over 4x that. Sending them into a frenzy worried about production but happy that they crushed their goal.

It was those stories that the Tampa Bay Business Journal reports Matt Belcher shared in a forum during Tampa Bay’s inaugural Startup Week.

The event, organized by local entrepreneur Ryan Sullivan, was actually a series of events highlighting Tampa Bays growing startup scene as well as merging the traditional small business community with the grit and grind of true startup culture.

Belcher told the audience that he turned to his local bars to help ease his nerves over the quick rise to fame that Marbel saw. With their huge Kickstarter campaign he worried that people would think they were trying to “swindle their money” and the thought of delivering a lot more skateboards turned the young entrepreneur’s stomach.

Belcher gave out advice for new entrepreneurs based on his own experience. The most important advice came in regards to reading “avoid reading comments once the reviews come in. In the research phase, though, read every comment and everything available on related industries to your business idea.” he said, reported the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Marbel will ship their first skateboards later this month. While Belcher steers his team to fulfillment he’ll also be contemplating their next big product. Find out more here.