Daplie Is Grandma’s Home Cloud Server

Daplie-Cloud Daplie Is Grandma's Home Cloud ServerProvo Startup Daplie Is Taking Back The Internet

Nasdaq suggests that the cloud industry will be worth a whopping $80 billion dollars (with a “B”) by 2020.   Many tech heads suggest it could be a much larger industry. These days everything from the toaster to the refrigerator to the dog are all connected by some cloud based device.

But what about your stuff.

Many people have cloud based storage accounts across multiple platforms. Personally I have a DropBox, iCloud, Microsoft and a few other lesser known services that I use to keep all of my important files. I’ve even used all 15gb made available to me through my Google account.

More and more people are just like me. We want to have a larger, better, faster cloud that can hold just about everything we want. Are you one of those people that has external hard drives, thumb drives and SD cards laying about everywhere in your flat?

A Provo Utah based startup called Daplie has taken to Indiegogo to launch their home cloud server. Their device allows users to move their important files from iCloud, Google and Dropbox to their home based server. Then, users can stream their stuff from their own cloud based hard drive that rests in their living room.

“In a world gone wild with connected devices, we are striving to put the ‘I’ back in internet,” co-founder AJ ONeal said in a press release. “We enable normal everyday people to have the convenience of their very own Cloud Server to manage their digital lives, completely in the safety and privacy of their own home. Which also means no storage limits, no monthly fees, and greater security and autonomy.”

Daplie calls their device, simply, “Cloud”. The Huffington Post has called it “A Force to Reckon With”.

They’ve already reached 890% of their original $32,500 goal as of this writing. Want to be early on the Cloud by Daplie, head on over to Indiegogo and back them.