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Tech Inclusion Hosting Startup Pitch Events Across The Country

Tech Inclusion Conference Is Bringing The Conversation Around Diversity And Inclusion Across The U.S.

TechInclusion-Top Tech Inclusion Hosting Startup Pitch Events Across The Country

“Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance” Maureen Erokwu, the Founder and CEO of Vosmap said at the 500 Startups Diversity event in New York last year. That’s a great way to conceptualize the change that needs to happen across all sectors, especially tech and startups.

To that end, Change Catalyst, the producer of the Tech Inclusion Conference, is bringing the conversation around diversity and inclusion across the US this year. Some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Apple and Google, have recently released their diversity numbers when it comes to hiring. While both tech giants are becoming more inclusive and diverse, both have also admitted that they are far from where they want to be. That change can start at the earliest of levels, the tech startup.

At the inclusion conference, diversity encompasses women, people of color, veterans, seniors, persons with visible and hidden disabilities, and LGBTQ. Founders of startups come in all shapes, colors, sizes, genders, and orientations. Through events like the Tech Inclusion conference, those startups are highlighted in front of investors, media and the public at large.

The Tech Inclusion conference is calling for founders in the following categories:

  • EdTech
  • FinTech
  • PeopleTech
  • HealthTech
  • Frontier Tech (including VR/AR, AI, and Robotics)

Here are the requirements:

  1. Product/solution must have at least reached beta, and less than 3 yrs old
  2. Founders/founding team must be diverse and pitch must be given by an underrepresented founder (e.g. African American, Latinx, Native American, woman, LGBTQIA, veteran, founder over 40, founder with a disability)
  3. Startup has received less than $2M in funding
  4. Product/technology addresses diversity, inclusion or exemplifies social entrepreneurship

Previous judges have included Monique Woodward (500 Startups), Ryan Hoover (Founder Product Hunt), Elizabeth Reynolds (Senior Principal at Accenture), Richard Kerby (VP at Venrock) and many others.

Here are the dates and locations:

  • Seattle June 14-15
  • New York July 10-11
  • Atlanta August 10-11
  • San Francisco October 25-26

You can find out more here and you can submit your application for Seattle here. 

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