CES 2016 Drone

xFold Commercial and Filmmaking Drones

One of the major industry segments represent at the 2016 Consumer Electronics show this year was drones. With the huge rise in all of the consumer drones, it is sometimes easy to overlook some of the more commercial and industrial segments of UAVs. Well, we had a chance to check out some of the more massive drones from both xFold and Yuneec.

Xfold-Drones xFold Commercial and Filmmaking Drones

These two companies have built some pretty incredible drones. Both companies do make some smaller, consumer drones, but the most interesting things that we saw at CES were the larger commercial and industrial drones. To begin with, xFold has built a beast of a drone in their xFold Cinema model (pictured above). This thing is pretty remarkable. According to the company, the xFold Cinema is designed specifically for the film industry:

Perfect for Pro-level cinematography Available configurations: Quad, Hexa, x8, x12 Recommended propeller size for all configuration: 16″-18″ Small, light and strong Recommended cameras: Any DSLR, RED, F55, Alexa M and similar size cameras1

We had the chance to speak with the xFold rep during CES, where we learned a bit more about the company’s mission and who is using these drones – Game of Thrones amongst others.