CES 2016 Drone

Xtreme Drone Circuit to feature solar powered drones at CES

Later this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show, there is a pretty interesting event. On Saturday, the Xtreme Drone Circuit (XDC) will be holding a race in Downtown Las Vegas. If you have never heard of the XDC, it is pretty cool. It is a drone racing circuit, but it is not what you are thinking. The race takes place in a three-dimensional course, and the pilots control the drones from a first person view. It really is pretty interesting. Take a look below:

The (e)Xtreme Drone Circuit is making Downtown Las Vegas the world leader in the emerging and exciting sport of fpv drone racing. We combine the coolest courses and the best pilots to blow the minds of spectators and participants alike.1

In an interesting aside to the actual drone race, at the CES event and, one racer in particular, will make heavy use of solar power. Through a partnership with SunPort, Drone pilot Jon Casey will be flying a drone running off of 100% solar power. SunPort is also a pretty interesting product. We spoke with the company way back at TC Disrupt NY, and they told us a little about the product. Essentially, as we wrote in June last year, the SunPort allows users to “utilize a program similar to the carbon offset practices. Instead of provide users electricity generated directly from solar panels, the SunPort tracks the amount of electricity you use, and introduces the same amount, generated from solar panels, back into the grid”

Below you can see our interview from Disrupt. We will most definitley be catching up with SunPort here at CES later this week: