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FETC 2018: Students and Teachers Are Doing Amazing Things With Bird Brain Technologies

e4effort-fetc-banner FETC 2018: Students and Teachers Are Doing Amazing Things With Bird Brain TechnologiesBird Brain Technologies Is Bringing STEM, STEAM, Coding And Even Art Projects To Life.

When you think of the term “bird brain” it isn’t typically the nicest thing to say about somebody. When you talk about Bird Brain Technologies though, they are doing some amazing things in classrooms across the country.

Bird Brain Technologies is teaching K-12 students (and beyond) the ins and outs of computer science, programming and coding with their Finch Robot. Finch is ideal for students ages 8 and up and supports a wide range of programming languages including: Snap, Scratch, Python, Processing, Greenfoot and Java. Finch can be programmed with Windows, Apple, Linux, Chrome and more making him one of the most versatile programmable robots available today.

Students can use these languages to interact with Finch’s:

  • Light, temperature and optical sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Motors
  • Buzzer
  • and LEDs

The things students can program Finch to do, are limitless. But Finch is just the beginning.

Bird Brain Technologies is also the creator of the widely loved, Hummingbird Robotics Kit. With Finch teaching students computer science and programming, the Hummingbird Robotics kit teaches engineering and robotics. The kit features a controller and a wide range of motors, LEDs, Servos, sensors, adapters, tools and more. Students far and wide are using the Hummingbird robotics kit to bring their arts and crafts projects to life.

At FETC 2018 in Orlando last week we got to see Hummingbird in action as the backbone to an interactive cardboard labrynth game, a dancing styrofoam cup and even an apron.

Since it’s release in schools across the country, Bird Brain Technologies has seen thousands of projects come to life with the Hummingbird Robotics kit.

In the video above, our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum F, talks with Bird Brain Technologies’ Allison Lambacher about what students and teachers are doing with Hummingbird. Tatum even finds out the coolest project Allison has ever seen. Spoiler alert: It’s Harry Potter related.

Check out the video and for more information visit birdbraintechnologies.com

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TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018: Students and Teachers Are Doing Amazing Things With Bird Brain Technologies