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TCEA 2018: Impero Is An Impressive Set Of Tools For Education

hero-k12-tcea-banner TCEA 2018: Impero Is An Impressive Set Of Tools For EducationImpero’s Network Management, Classroom Management and Student Cyber Safety Tools Are A Must Have For K-12 Schools.

Impero has designed an impressive set of IT tools specifically for education in a suite they call Impero Education Pro. Impero includes a network management platform, a classroom management platform and a student cyber safety platform that are second to none.

Network Management

The network management tool found in Impero Education Pro puts the entire school or district’s network in an easy to manage tool for the IT department. Whether your school or district has 100 devices or 5,000 the network management tool allows IT professionals to quickly identify any problem sources regardless of what device is causing the problem. From print management to power management, IT professionals don’t need to hunt down devices, they can control everything from one central location in an easy to use dashboard.

The Impero Education Pro network management tool is one of the only network management tools that can handle a mix of 1:1 devices and BYOD, basically right out of the box. If the school or district is BYOD, as students enter the school and sign on to the network the IT team and the teacher have the same access to the device as they would with a school owned device.

The network management tool handles:

Classroom Management

Impero Education Pro’s classroom management tool gives teachers complete control of each and every device in the classroom. This means that teachers can keep kids on task by quickly identifying what they are doing on their device. If a student isn’t on task and is browsing the internet when it’s time for learning, the teacher can quickly divert that device to the lesson at hand or even shut it down all together.

Teachers can also broadcast their own screen to one student device or the entire class. This makes working one on one with students a breeze. It also means that when it’s instruction time, every student can see what the teacher is doing regardless of where they sit in the room. Teachers can send messages to individual devices, the entire class or the entire school. At the end of the day if there are important reminders for students, teachers can quickly send them right to their screens.

The classroom management tool handles:

Online Safety

While network management and classroom management were quite impressive their online safety tool was what impressed me the most. Quite a few technology providers are working on online safety, to quickly identify students that may need emotional support, help or could be in a position to harm themselves or others. This online safety tool is near and dear to Impero’s CEO Richard Fuller who in addition to fielding questions at the Impero booth at TCEA, also participated in panel discussions on digital citizenship.

Impero’s online safety tool has an impressive database of trigger words ranging from bullying to LGBTQ sensitivity words. In our TCEA interview (video above) Fuller says that their safety tool can even tell if students are feeling insecure about their bodies. When the system identifies any of this language the teacher is notified and can quickly make a decision as to whether to spend some 1:1 time with the student or perhaps send him or her to the school counselor.

The Impero online safety tool wasn’t just created out of a database of potential problem words, Impero partnered Beat, the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and SafeBAE and uses the Internet Watch Foundation’s illegal content list. The company also offers this comprehensive, free, online safety handbook.

At TCEA 2018 in Austin last week, Impero showed off the latest new features in Impero Education Pro (v6.3) including:

  • An intuitive ‘enterprise console’ using cloud technology to help technical teams quickly and easily apply settings to multiple servers. This new functionality is particularly beneficial for organizations that serve multiple school districts.
  •  A web-based teacher console, providing a simple interface designed with teachers in mind. This new functionality offers a range of classroom control features and the ability to monitor multiple devices from a single web browser.
  •  Automatic keyword library updates, if desired, giving schools instant access to the latest versions. Impero’s keyword library now includes over 20,000 keywords, abbreviations, phrases and URLs, developed with organizations such as Beat, the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and SafeBAE and using the Internet Watch Foundation’s illegal content list.

In our video interview Fuller also proudly told nibletz.com that the British company was expanding into US offices that will be located in Austin Texas.

Find out more about Impero at imperosoftware.com 

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