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Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Netop Vision Gives Teachers Complete Control of Their Classrooms

netopvision-cue18-top Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Netop Vision Gives Teachers Complete Control of Their ClassroomsCUE 18: Netop Vision Classroom Management Helps Teachers Ensure That Students Stay On Task

In many schools and school districts learning happens on a device. It can be a tablet, iPad, Chromebook, Laptop or desktop computer. No matter what device a student is using, teachers need to be able to control it, to optimize the learning experience. This can prove especially difficult in 1:1 classrooms and byod environments. Luckily. there’s Netop Vision.

Netop Vision is reimagining classroom management with an easy to use platform that has quickly become the #1 choice in classroom management.

With Netop vision teachers can easily student screens. The teacher sees what the student sees, live and in real time.  If the student is having trouble navigating material the teacher can quickly see why. If the student is goofing off on social media, the teacher can see that too. Teachers can see multiple student screens at one time and even customize the view to correspond with where students are sitting in the classroom.

When it’s time to direct attention to the front of the room or when all eyes need to be on the teacher, teachers can, with one click, lock all of the students screens and keyboards. Teachers can easily control where their students attention is directed. If you’re running a timed quiz or activity, teachers can use this function to say times up, and keep those timed activities, fair.

Teachers can also share their screen with one student, a group of students or the whole class. A teacher’s screen can redundantly be shown on the digital display in the front of the room and on all of the student devices as well. This means that Tommy that always sits in the back, can clearly see the material. It also opens up better avenues for collaboration and immersive instruction.

Also using Netop Vision school, IT departments of teachers can set block lists up so students don’t go accessing websites and social networks that distract them from their studies. When a student goes to an unauthorized web page, the page is blocked and access is not allowed.

Teachers, Principals, IT Departments and District level administrators love how easy it is to get started with Netop Vision and how easy it is to use in the classroom.

You can find out more at and at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California, March 14-17th, booth #518. They’re also presenting “Five Ways To Recapture Classroom Time” on Saturday March 17th at 10:30am

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