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TCEA Preview: Recap Helps Students Ask Better Questions

myschooldance-banner-fetc TCEA Preview: Recap Helps Students Ask Better QuestionsTeachers Can Lead Classroom Discussions With Better Questions Thanks To Recap From The Creators Of Swivl.

Every teacher wants to have the deepest, most thought provoking, inspiring and collaborative classroom discussions. Many educators believe that these of discussions start with collaboration which can be achieved through a variety of tools. But, where these kinds of discussions really come from is questions. The creators of Swivl have created a platform called Recap which powers student discussions by facilitating better questions.

Recap allows teachers to pose questions to students individually or as a group. Then, students can answer them privately from their own device, or share their answers in the right setting to spark conversation.

When teachers get the discussion heating up they can turn to video and create what Recap calls “Journeys”, short videos that help keep the spark going. Students can reply with video answers as well, making it a more interactive environment.

Recap also allows teachers to take control of an active discussion in class through a question queue. Now there’s not second guessing which student’s hand went up first. The teacher can answer the questions in the order they are received, you know the same way Time Warner answers your important phone call (no really much much faster).

Recap has found it’s way into the classrooms of kindergartners and high schools as well. It’s that easy to use.

“Using Recap, I am much more effective in assigning questions that tie in with the Common Core State Standards such as retelling a story (posed as three questions – what happened in the beginning, what happened in the middle of the story, and how did the story end), making text-to-self connections, and having students identify the story elements of a book.” Amanda Libby a kindergarten teacher of 8 years says on the Recap website.

One of the biggest values to Recap is helping students break out of their shells. Once students are comfortable in their own skin, asking questions and participating, it’s a skill they have for life.

“It’s very difficult to engage a student in a conversation in a classroom if they are self conscious,” he says, “they don’t want to raise their hand, they’re very shy.” The hesitation can make it hard to know what gaps to fill in students’ understanding, which he feels is critical to his teaching. “I really need to get students’ feedback, and it’s very important for me as a teacher that way I know exactly what it is that I need to teach, and I can fix any misconceptions.” Alfonso Mendoza a veteran 5th grade science teacher says on Recap’s website. 

Find out how Recap can unlock your students’ potential at TCEA 2018 in Austin, February 5-9th, booth #1849 and online at letsrecap.com

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