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ISTE 2018: Zubi Flyer By Fuzeplay Is The Programmable, Fun, Flying Frisbee

fuzeplay-zubiflyer-iste-top ISTE 2018: Zubi Flyer By Fuzeplay Is The Programmable, Fun, Flying FrisbeeThe Zubi Flyer From Fuzeplay Is Fun For Students, Inside and Outside

It’s not often that you find a fun, incredible, programmable STEM/STEAM toy that’s perfect for the home or the classroom and fun both inside and outside. But Kristy Sevy and her brother Kyle Muir have created a company called Fuzeplay that has created just that. This incredible device is called the Zubi Flyer and it’s the first ever programmable, fun, flying frisbee.

Zubi Flyer was created by  Sevy when she struggled with finding quality STEM/STEAM toys for her 10 year old daughter and her two sisters. It wasn’t a gender issue in any way, it was a unique issue we’ve seen a lot lately. There are coding toys for younger kids and coding toys for older kids but those kids in the middle, ages 8-13 are pretty much stuck picking something a little too “kiddie” or a little too hard.

Fuze Play ships Zubi Flyer with a book of cards with a dozen games that kids can code Zubi Flyer to play but they can also connect Zubi Flyer to the computer and by using Scratch, can code their own games, special effects and more.

Zubi Flyer is also the first frisbee to feature a circuit board. The circuit board has a variety of LED lights. The microprocessor on board allows kids to use a “magic wand” to create wild light patterns and play interactive games that they can program themselves.

The included games are:

  • Catch The Light
  • Hot Potato
  • Simon Says
  • Hand Harmonica
  • Telephone
  • Newbie Zubi
  • RGB Light Hack
  • RGB Single Light Hack
  • Name That Tune
  • Shortcut Hack
  • Mood Light

And of course students and kids alike can create their own games to play on their Zubi Flyer.

You can check out Zubi Flyer in the AT&T EdTech Startup Pavilion at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-27th and online at fuzeplay.io

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