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10 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Keep Up With #SXSWEDU

Here Are 10 Twitter Accounts To Follow For #SXSWedu

SXSWedu-top 10 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Keep Up With #SXSWEDU

South By Southwest EDU, the biggest of the South By Southwest shoulder festivals has gotten underway in Austin Texas. There will be thousands and thousands of tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Pinterest posts and snaps. We’ve compiled a quick list of 10 Twitter accounts to keep up with to stay up to date with what’s going on at SXSWedu.

They’re in no particular order and the methodology we used was far from scientific. We did use a hashtag analyzing tool for some of the recommendations. But trust us, we’ve been to all of the SXSWedu’s and here are some good Twitter folks.

Laura Gilchrest: Laura is one of those people that eats, sleeps and breathes education and education technology. She’s an educator, connector, teaching/learning coach and an organizer for KCedu. She’s a board member at Startland News, Parent Camp and Elevate EDU. Follow her now, here. 

Michael J Crawford splits his time between Detroit and San Diego. He’s the Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Real World Scholars, a PhD candidate and an advisor to SXSWedu. Follow him here.

Rachele Dene Poth, is a language teacher, author, blogger and tech innovator. She’s an author at Kidblog Inc, she’s worked with ISTE and she’s a huge advocate for STEAM. Follow her here.

Robert Pronovost is the founder of EmpowerMINT, Empowering Learning Through Making Innovation and Technology. He tweets all about education, technology and innovation. Follow him here.

Deborah Chang, leads the charge at Startup Digest Education. She looks for startups and leaders that are actually making a difference. “I take down systemic barriers to education innovation” she says. She’s the founder at NYCEDU, a TEDx speaker and EdTech consultant and generally just rad. Follow her here. 

Jess Falkenthal is Deborah’s partner in crime on Startup Digest Education. She’s also an edtech growth and community strategist. She’s also one of the earlier facilitators and community organizers at Startup Weekend, having worked through the Startup America UP Global merger and the Techstars merger, so she knows startups and Edtech. Follow her here.

Twitter-Middle 10 Twitter Accounts To Follow To Keep Up With #SXSWEDU

Chris Fancher, Chris doesn’t have an amazingly fancy title. He’s the DT Teacher at Meridian School in Round Rock Texas but, he too has been to every single SXSWedu and he was one of the original panelists when SXSWedu started in 2011 at the Hilton on the campus of UT. He’s still with it and you could gain some great knowledge by following  him here. 

Ann Witherspoon is also a veteran of SXSWedu, a District Instructional Technologist, Google Certified Innovator and Google Education Trainer. She’s also on the 2017 SXSWedu advisory board. Keep up with her here. 

SXSWedu follow the official South By Southwest Education Twitter account. It keeps you up to date with all the important announcements throughout the show. Follow South By Southwest Edu here and the #sxswedu hashtag here.

Nibletztweets, yes that’s our Twitter account. We’ll have lot’s of content including video interviews with our 9 year old EdTech reporter who was the youngest credentialed member of the press at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta and featured that year on Fox News. Also, we ranked in the top 5 on Hashtracking for original posts with the SXSWedu hashtag so there’s that. Follow us here.