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We Spent Some Time With Learning About Their Soft Skills Intelligence Platform At ISTE 2017

2gnome-interview1-top Soft Skills Intelligence Platform is Essential To Professional Development is a soft skills intelligence platform that helps users discover, uncover and improve their soft skills that are essential to professional development.

In many ways, professional development at the K-12 and Higher Ed level is broken. Many schools, school districts, colleges and universities resort to a cattle call approach to PD that isn’t beneficial to anyone. Administrators and district leaders will pull all of their staff into an auditorium and give some lecture based training on social skills or communication, but not everyone in the room needs to develop those skills.

Hard skills are easy. 2+2 either equals four or you have the answer wrong. Soft skills like communication skills, empathy, and collaborative skills are hard to uncover and even harder to improve. That’s because until now, professional development hasn’t focused on an individual’s soft skills and how each individual’s soft skills contribute to a team.

Amazon employs an entire department devoted to assessing soft skills during the interview process of perspective employees. This same team works with current employees to help improve their soft skills overtime.

Soft Skills have often been taken for granted in the work place whether you’re working for a big internet company, a blue chip or at the high school down the street. That’s because employers and administrators are always looking for new employees that can strengthen the bottom line, whether that bottom line is money in the bank or better standardized test scores. is an online soft skills intelligence platform that allows users to take self assessments of their own soft skills. The platform also allows for district level and school level administrators to have their employees (teachers) take assessments and build a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to those skills.

From those assessments principals, and superintendents can take the data, analyze it and then make sure that each school has the best teams in place. Perhaps one school has teachers who all assess well for empathy but not collaboration, for sure this has transcended to test results that haven’t been up to par. Perhaps another school has teachers who are amazing at collaboration but fall short in time management and organization. When it’s testing time this can be an issue as well. Perhaps there’s a school with horrible behavior issues, can the soft skills of the teachers and administrators on-site contribute, sure they can.

We got a chance to speak with Ilya Zeldin, the founder of Check out the video below for a better understanding of what is.

This is the first video in a series where we will be discussing new takes on professional development and how platforms like are crucial to teaching in the present day.

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