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3 Office Design Best Practices for EdTech Startups

keyinteriors 3 Office Design Best Practices for EdTech Startups

(photo: Key Interiors)

Just like startups in other fields and sectors, those in the EdTech space must ensure that their environment is productive, functional, innovative and progressive. In other words: people wandering around with laptops searching desperately for workspace (while avoiding boxes and clutter) is out, and smart, sophisticated and strategic office design is in.

Considering this, here are three office design best practices that can help you take your EdTech startup to the next level:


  1. Use Modular Furniture


Instead of bulky “old school” furniture that requires a team to move around, go with lightweight, modular items that can be reconfigured in minutes to suit various needs, such as delivering presentations, running training, having brainstorming meetings, and so on. This is especially important if space is limited and having a multi-functional environment is more of a necessity than a preference.


  1. Use an Open Office Approach


An open office approach minimizes or eliminates barriers such as walls and cubicles, and allows employees to co-locate in a shared space. Recently, there has been some backlash against open offices; chiefly from larger organizations that have found the costs to privacy and productivity outweigh the collaborative and interaction benefits.


However, according to Key Interiors, an interior solutions firm with more 30 years of experience, what these criticisms reveal is that the real problem wasn’t with the open office itself, but with the lack of policies governing how employees should (and shouldn’t) act. When good policies regarding noise, privacy and acceptable behavior are put in place and enforced accordingly, open offices are highly productive and very collaborative. Plus, they’re much cheaper to setup than classic offices (a single cubicle can cost several thousands of dollars!), which is a key advantage as well.


  1. Pay attention to the psychology of color and design.


What’s in a wall color or a work of art? Well, according to psychologists who study the effect that color has on behavior, the answer is: quite a bit, actually! For example, studies have shown that colors like blue and green promote calm (which is why they’re often used in dentist’s offices), while grey, beige and white can promote sadness — especially in women.

The Bottom Line

Launching an EdTech startup is exciting — especially because the potential for EdTech to transform learning experiences and events in the corporate, training and education field is immense. In fact, we are only just scratching the surface and the road ahead is far longer than the one behind. The office design best practices above can help your startup take root, and eventually, lead the way!

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