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Our 9 Year Old Ed Tech Reporter Meets Cognitoys GreenDino At SXSWedu

Elemental Path’s GreenDino Will Grow With Your Child

2 years ago Elemental Path took their connected, kid friendly GreenDino to Kickstarter. They quickly raised $275,000 on their $50,000 campaign to bring to life a dinosaur that will talk to your child, teach your child and answer thousands upon thousands of questions. At SXSWedu GreenDino was creating stories with children who provided easy information. His voice sounded a bit like Yoda’s but the content was fluid, sans the occasional wifi hiccup.

When a child, age 5 and up, presses the belly of the dinosaur he comes to life. He allows the child to ask questions and receive age-appropriate answers. Dino’s smarts come from being connected to IBM’s Watson super computer. The team behind Cognitoys were the grand prize winners in the IBM Watson Mobile App Developer Challenge. They were selected out of 100s of contestants.  At the time they had developed an app called friendgine that was a bit on the AI side and is the technology that drives the dino.

Cognitoys-kickstarter-1 Our 9 Year Old Ed Tech Reporter Meets Cognitoys GreenDino At SXSWedu

The dino also allows children to give it commands, preparing it for the world of Siri and Alexa.  There are hundreds of commands that the dinosaur will respond to. Like Siri and Alexa the developers continue to add to his repertoire. They keep an updated list of his commands here.

He tells a number of stories in addition to the stories that he helps make with the child. He learns the child as they interact and becomes a friend of sorts.

On the educational side the dinosaur creates an atmosphere of fun, playful education. Built into the playfulness of GreenDino are a number of educational concepts like rhyming, spelling, vocabulary and mathematics.  As the child and the dino get to know each other the dino releases more knowledge.

The Dino is available in green, pink and blue at toy retailers like Toys R Us as well as Amazon for $99.99 Check out Tatum’s interview above from SXSWedu.