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We’ve Got All This New EdTech Now What?

SMART-TECH-top We've Got All This New EdTech Now What?SMART Infographic: Apply The ADDIE Implementation Model To Get The Most Out Of Your EdTech

There’s no shortage of edtech companies these days. From where we stand there’s just about an edtech solution covering every nook and cranny of education from Pre-K to Post Graduate. There are e-learning solutions, curriculum solutions, planning solutions, student information systems, learning management systems, hardware, device management, cyber security, STEM/STEAM tools and countless other areas where technology is improving education.

Say you’re a K-12 administrator or a higher ed executive and you’ve spent the last two years analyzing what to get for your institution. It’s time, the trigger has been pulled, but how do you handle implementation.

SMART Technologies, the company behind the widely used SMART boards, have compiled an infographic detailing the ADDIE implementation method, a method that can be used at any grade level in just about any educational scenario pre-k through 20.

The ADDIE implementation methodology is rooted in these steps (that can be applied to a variety of implementations so save this post).

Analyze: Identify which specific, measurable learning outcomes are desired from the technology implementation.

Design: Gather instructional and technical stakeholders to set clear developmental and implementation milestones needed to achieve goals.

Develop: Break down the steps of each workstream. Designate who will lead and participate, and identify the resources required to reach each goal.

Implement: Install technology and deploy the professional development plan. Discuss progress frequently and course correct as needed.

When choosing education technology solutions the key factor is that the technology compliments the teacher, the teaching goals, the curriculum and the learning environment and never the other way around. When you combine teaching practices, compatible software, and purpose built hardware the end result should be improved learning outcomes, each time and every time.

For 30 years, SMART Technologies have been implementing technology in the K-20 classroom, you can find a ton of great material on edtech, implementation and goals on their blog at 

Check out the whole infographic below:

SMART-implementation-infographic We've Got All This New EdTech Now What?

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