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EdTech: Schools Need Active Shooter Detection and Prevention From Sitch AI

sitch-top EdTech: Schools Need Active Shooter Detection and Prevention From Sitch AICollision Conference 2018: We Talk With Connor Burns About Sitch.AI and How They’re Detecting And Preventing Active Shooter Situations.

Our parents and in some cases our grandparents, could tell you about a time where they did air raid drills. Students would get under the desks in anticipation that an air raid was coming on US soil. In retrospect we now know that hiding under the desk would be futile but at least it would protect students from falling debris and hopefully save lives. Luckily, an air raid never happened on US soil and air raid drills are obsolete.

Fire drills are an every day occurrence in our nation’s schools. Fires happen all the time either accidentally or on purpose. It’s a best practice for students to be aware of their surroundings and where to go in the event of a fire.

Unfortunately we’ve reached a point in society where active shooter detection and prevention is an actual thing and a California AI company called Sitch.AI is sitting at the forefront of those technologies.

At the The Collision Conference in New Orleans last week we were blown away as Matty Squarzoni, a disabled veteran, described his company, to a crowd full of on-lookers during the Pitch competition. After seeing hundreds of pitches, regardless of what the judges thought, proved to be our favorite by far, because they’re protecting people in horrible situations.

The bulk of the pitch, and then our discussion with Chief Strategy Officer Connor Burns, was about their product called Sitch Aware. Sitch Aware is a sensor based IoT solution that uses algorithms, sensors and predictive analysis to isolate where on campus an active shooter is. It starts with the first detection of a possible gun shot. So for starters, doesn’t need to be activated, the technology is always on in the background and ready when disaster strikes.

Sitch Aware starts with notification and detection but goes well beyond that. When the Sitch.AI system fully activates it helps first responders in mere seconds identify where victims and innocents are while maintaining a heat map of where the shooter most likely is.

We’ve all seen or read about the debates on why some of the first responders at the Stoneman Douglas shooting didn’t go into the school buildings. With Sitch.AI they could have gone right in and started rescuing victims and innocents and administering life saving help for those in need, all the while knowing with confidence where the shooter is. At the same time that first responders were assisting the victims and innocents, police and SWAT teams could have gone into the location where the shooter was, corner them and apprehend them, with limited loss of life.

Sitch Aware removes the risk of false alarms by using state of the art sensors with artificial intelligence. They also enable first responders to respond quicker with a better picture of what they’re going into. Police use that same information to apprehend potential threats.

Sitch Aware is the solution for any school campus K-12 or higher ed and work places as well. Active shooter situations are almost a daily occurrence now, and Sitch Aware is a must needed tool for all of these places.

Sitch is also developing deeper learning intelligence solutions that can help identify at risk students and employees that could lead to getting help for people and preventing mass casualty, active shooter situations.

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