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K-12 EdTech Spending Could Be On The Rise

agile-infographic-top K-12 EdTech Spending Could Be On The RiseAgile Education Marketing Has Released Their 2017-18 EdTech Purchasing Forecast Infographic and The Future Looks Bright.

Fresh off the heels of the annual EdNet Conference in Scottsdale Arizona, Agile Education Marketing wasted no time hunkering down and releasing an important infographic for product companies in the K-12 edtech space and edtech purchasing decision makers.

The infographic below, entitled “2017-18 EdTech Purchasing Forecast” highlights the areas where edtech spending is most likely to occur.

There’s good news for edtech product companies. The average district spend has increased from $865,728 in 2016-2017 to a projected $1,013, 756 for the current school year. Agile’s research also suggests that we could see another significant increase in edtech spending in the 2018-2019 school year.

When looking at the entire school/district spend instructional technology accounts for 65% while administrative or enterprise technology is at 35%. Instructional technology can include LMS systems, student devices, teaching devices etc. While administrative spend includes filtering software, SIS, data visualization software and the like.

In 2017-2017 the district controlled the purse strings with 53% of total edtech purchasing coming from the district level. Also many school districts and purchasing decision makers didn’t anticipate any kind of pop up funding on the horizon for this or next school year. that includes private grants, bond issues, technology levy, or mill levy.

The infographic is based on data from Agile Education Marketing’s Q2 2017 Survey of K-12 district administrators.

If you’re an edtech startup founder or you’re with an edtech product company you’ll want to know that educators rely 76% on product recommendations from colleagues. Next was search engines (66%). Followed by school and district leadership. 30% 0f the respondents to the Agile Education survey considered themselves behind the curve when it comes to edtech. 28% considered themselves early adopters while 42% considered themselves mainstream. That may suggest there’s still opportunity to educate the educators about the value of education technology.

agile-edtech-forecast-infographic K-12 EdTech Spending Could Be On The Rise

Check out Agile for more, here. 

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