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FlipGrid Unveils “The All New FlipGrid” For 2017-2018 School Year

FlipGrid Hosted Big Event To Unveil “The All New FlipGrid

flipgrid-allnew-charlie-top FlipGrid Unveils "The All New FlipGrid" For 2017-2018 School Year

Last week at FlipGrid’s Minnesota headquarters, co-founder Dr. Charlie Miller took to the stage in his own version of a Tim Cook moment. An enthusiastic crowd of FlipGrid ambassadors and teachers with the FlipGrid fever were also in the room for the two hour, standing room only unveiling of the “All New FlipGrid” (version 2.0 for those keeping score). Cook better watch out because the FlipGrid audience was more enthusiastic than the crowd watching the unveiling of the new iPad Pro, and they should be.

Miller confessed that when they first created FlipGrid it was supposed to be, or rather they thought it was, a Q&A tool, like Quorum for students. What they came to find was that it was sparking and igniting kids, to express themselves to their peers and their teachers in ways that had never happened before. In fact, Spark and ignite are big words for the FlipGrid team. Their team, of now 25 employees, doesn’t measure engagement like any other company in the world, through clicks or shares, but rather through time students spend recording, re-recording, and watching other students videos on the platform.  FlipGrid has made measuring engagement time more fun by researching time measurement through some really cool things, like a grid had 11 days of engagement, the time it takes to walk from Madrid to Paris France, or 18 days of engagement which is good to watch the entire Harry Potter series 8 times.

flipgrid-engagementtime FlipGrid Unveils "The All New FlipGrid" For 2017-2018 School Year

To kick off the presentation Miller went over some mind blowing statistics, fitting that they’re in Minnesota as it was reminiscent of pure hockey stick growth.

  • A new educators has signed up for Flipgrid every 1.2 minutes (since August 1)
  • 5,000,000 students have had their voices amplified using FlipGrid
  • A new FlipGrid video is shared every .48 seconds (that’s seconds folks not minutes, every half a second)
  • To date there’s been 1.2 billion seconds of video created that’s 38 years of student voice

As with any startup that’s seen this kind of growth FlipGrid is constantly updating the platform, but last week they announced the most significant upgrade to date, “The All New FlipGrid”.  Here are the highlights:

  • A purpose section has been added for when teachers create the grid they can now provide context to it
  • Teachers can have profile photos that students can see on the grid
  • Teachers can control where students share their videos outside of FlipGrid.
  • They’ve made it easy to add YouTube, Vimeo, and Camera Roll photos directly to videos in FlipGrid
  • Emojis have been added to help students find videos that don’t use reading as a primary way to find things (earlier learners, ESL learners)
  • Teachers can now spark a response as a topic and the student can become the teacher
  • Teachers can now feature an attachment including; a hyperlink, document, OneDrive, OneNote, Excel, Word, Vimeo, Instagram, DropBox Twitter, any Google Doc or YouTube


  • Students can now add titles and attachments to their videos, teachers can decide if the attachment is private or public so students can share projects and their work
  • Teachers can now moderate at the topic level
  • They’ve added custom feedback which teachers can customize with their own rubric
  • They’ve added a ton of new badges
FlipGrid-Microsoft-integration FlipGrid Unveils "The All New FlipGrid" For 2017-2018 School Year

Microsoft integration with OneNote and Microsoft Teams was announced at FlipGrid’s big event August 10th

Miller also welcomed Jim Federico, Principal Product Manager for Microsoft Education to the stage who talked about new FlipGrid integration with OneNote and Microsoft Teams. In both products all a user has to do is copy their FlipGrid right into OneNote or Microsoft Teams and it can be used like any other piece of content. FlipGrid is also teaming up with Microsoft for four new classes focused completely on student voice.

You can check out the all new FlipGrid here and a complete update guide from FlipGrid here. 

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