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A Pass Educational Group Does The Homework For The Teacher

A Pass Connects The Dots With Their Correlation Services

Picture this, your district wide academic development team has come up with an amazing new curriculum for STEM and STEAM they’re ready to launch they just need to add some relevant content links to the curriculum to enhance the students experience.

The internet is a valuable tool for educators and students. Now, teachers developing new syllabi and curriculum can turn to the internet to support their lesson in ways never imaginable. Just think about that for a second, to do research in support of learning a concept in the 1980’s would have required countless volumes of encyclopedia and books.

Now though, with assignments and curriculum delivered via online learning and LMS, teachers can add links right to the text.  A lesson on volcanoes can include video of volcanoes erupting. A lesson on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln could easily include video or a map of Mount Rushmore, you get the idea.

apass-education-new-1 A Pass Educational Group Does The Homework For The Teacher

With billions (yes with a b) of links available on the internet it could take hours if not days and weeks to find the right content to link with this new exciting curriculum. That’s a lot of homework for teachers who are already busy.

That’s why A Pass Educational Group, an instructional design firm based in Michigan, offers a correlations service that connects the dots between curriculum, syllabi and the internet.

A Pass Educational Group is backed by a group of over 1400 educational and instructional designers that specialize in everything. When a school or district turns to A Pass education to build out their correlations they are getting a solid team that checks their work and then checks it again, making sure that links are fresh, contemporary, factual and appropriate for their audience.

Whether the correlations are for a college physics course or an 11th grade Western Civilization class, A Pass Educational Group can get it down. Correlations is just one of the amazing services they offer to schools and districts. They’ve been in instructional design for nearly a decade and stand by their work.

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