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Apple Unveils New iPad For Education, But Is It Enough?

education-ipad-top Apple Unveils New iPad For Education, But Is It Enough?Apple Holds Education Event At Chicago High School

Apple, Google and Amazon are constantly battling it out with each other as the most valuable company in the world. Google and Apple are constantly at each other’s throats vying for that top spot. Apple is known for it’s stranglehold on the business community, but one place Google consistently wins, is in the classroom.

Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebooks have quickly taken over 60% of the classrooms across the country with 1:1 initiatives. Chromebooks are cheaper, more flexible and have an ecosystem built around Google Classroom and G-Suite for Education which puts all of the important classroom tools in the palms of teacher’s hands.

Google’s 60% of the market share in K-12 classrooms isn’t sitting right with Apple, especially because in the 80’s and 90’s Apple was on the forefront of education technology. I personally remember our first Apple II’s and then our first Apple Talk MacIntosh network.

Pretty much on a regular basis, Apple holds a spring event to announce some kind of new hardware, either an iPad reboot or a Macbook reboot. This year, the company went with an iPad reboot, with a special emphasis on iPads for education.  To announce this new device Apple held the event at a Chicago area high school, rather than at their California campus.

The event, led by Apple CEO Tim Cook, showed off a new 9.7″ iPad that will cost consumers $329 or $299 if they have a school affiliation.  The iPad for education features Apple Pencil and stylus support out of the box and a new educational software package called Schoolwork.  Like Google’s classroom software, dubbed “Google Classroom”, Schoolwork functions as a learning and content management system. Using Schoolwork teachers can create assignments, create assessments, grade papers, communicate with students and more.

To support this reinvigorated relationship with the classroom Apple also decided to up the first tier of iCloud for students to 200gb to ensure they have all the room they need for all of their assignments.

After unveiling the new iPad with pencil integration and the new Schoolwork software, Apple also announced a new initiative called “Everyone Can Create” that focuses on the arts. The Everyone Can Create curriculum focuses on: music, video, photography and drawing.

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