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Back To School: 3 Tools Re-designing Professional Development

These Three Tools Are Putting A New Spin On Professional Development For K-12 and Higher Ed

professional-development-story-top Back To School: 3 Tools Re-designing Professional Development

Professional Development is unfortunately, a lot more complicated than it should be. It seems that everyone involved in the educational process, whether it be an administrator, teacher, advisor or other stakeholder, views professional development differently. Everyone seems to agree on one thing, and that is, that there’s not enough time anymore, for the right amount of professional development.

Thanks to technology there are some great tools out there including these three.

7Mindsets7mindsets-mindsetsuniversity-top Back To School: 3 Tools Re-designing Professional Development

Now 7 Mindsets isn’t necessarily about technology, it’s also for the entire school community. 7 Mindsets is a social emotional learning platform that advocates that “empowering every child, involves empowering everyone”.  At the root of that hypothesis is the teacher, instructor, or educator.

A social emotional learning program can change the way the entire school, campus and surrounding community looks at one another and the future of educating at that institution. Whether it be K-12 or higher ed, all of the 7 mindsets (which the program is based on) only promote a good atmosphere for learning, and teaching:

  1. Everything is Possible- Dream big, embrace creativity, and expect great results
  2. Passion First- Pursue your authentic talents and deepest interests
  3. We are connected- Explore the synergies in all relationships, empower one another
  4. 100% Accountable- Choose to be responsible for your own happiness and success
  5. Attitude of Gratitude- Seek positives from every experience and be thankful for all you have
  6. Live to Give- Inspire and serve others while maximizing your potential
  7. The Time Is Now- Harness the power of this moment and take purposeful action today

Find out more about 7 Mindsets here and here

edconnective-interview-ss Back To School: 3 Tools Re-designing Professional DevelopmentEdConnective

EdConnective was founded by Will Morris after he realized his life’s work was to touch and improve the lives of others. He decided early on that children would be the best way to make the most impact on the future. To reach the children, you need to improve the teacher and whatever ways they need and want to improve. Thus, EdConnective was born.

EdConnective is an online way to do teacher observation, and virtual coaching with some great education coaches. Basically the teacher videos him, her or themselves, teaching. They upload the video to the EdConnective platform where an educational coach watches it, critiques it and does a video consultation with the teacher, one on one.

As it stands now, a teacher is lucky if they get three observations in a single school year, even luckier if they get full on, uninterrupted feedback sessions. With EdConnective every teacher gets 11 video reviews and 12 feedback sessions per semester. That means they get 2-3 years worth of observations in that short time frame.

Find out more about EdConnective here and here. 

2gnome-interview1-top Back To School: 3 Tools Re-designing Professional

If knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle, (to know me) is an important part of the professional development equation.

2gno.e is a soft skills assessment platform that will help teachers, administrators, business people and more, uncover the areas in soft skills that they need improvement in. Their soft skills intelligence platform is essential to professional development.

Hard skills are easy. 2+2 either equals four or you have the answer wrong. Soft skills like communication skills, empathy, and collaborative skills are hard to uncover and even harder to improve. That’s because until now, professional development hasn’t focused on an individual’s soft skills and how each individual’s soft skills contribute to a team.

Soft Skills have often been taken for granted in the work place whether you’re working for a big internet company, a blue chip or at the high school down the street. That’s because employers and administrators are always looking for new employees that can strengthen the bottom line, whether that bottom line is money in the bank or better standardized test scores.

But to put a real cohesive team together, from front office to the chemistry lab, an evaluation of the soft skills and a commitment to work on them are essential. can help a single teacher figure out where he/she/they need work in the softskills area or an entire team.

You can check out here and here.