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Back 2 School: 4 Tools That Spark Creativity In The Classroom

4 Tools That Spark Creativity In The Classroom, Worth Checking Out

Where did the summer go? That’s what students and parents everywhere are saying. Teachers on the other hand are ready to kick off the 2017-2018 school year and they’ve got some great tools to do it.

This summer was the number one Google News source for some great edtech events, including K-12 events like ISTE (the largest edtech conference in the world catering to K-12) and the National Principal’s Conference. Our 9 year old edtech reporter went hands on with a lot of new technology that will be showing up in classrooms from coast to coast. This year, like many years past, we got to see some great teacher tools as well. These four teacher tools are great ways to spark learning and creativity in the classroom.

buncee-top Back 2 School: 4 Tools That Spark Creativity In The ClassroomBuncee Makes Creativity Boundless

Buncee is a collaborative digital creation tool that is taking the education world by storm, especially at younger levels. The team behind Buncee has packed it full of features and at the same time made it easy enough for a first grader to use. That’s a feat in itself.

When you add in the amazing story behind the creation of Buncee, you’re talking about a technology marvel. Buncee Ambassadors are showing off ways to use Buncee that you may have never thought of.  Buncee is the tool teachers need for blended learning, writing activities, projects, library, communication and more.

Teachers are really getting creative with Buncee they’re using it for everything from teaching space and the solar system to teaching digital citizenship. Some teachers are even using Buncee to make “get to know me” Buncees so that students and parents can get to know their teacher. Buncee has a very interactive teaching community, a lot can be found here on Twitter. Or check out 

DoInk-top Back 2 School: 4 Tools That Spark Creativity In The ClassroomDoink’s Animation and Drawing App and their Green Screen App

Now don’t send us a bunch of emails we know this is actually two tools, but since they’re booth from DoInk we will consider them one. DoInk created a drawing and animation app that had a lot of the same features as adobe flash, but simplified so teachers and students alike could create animations on their computers. With the rise of the iPad DoInk saw an opportunity to take their platform mobile, and they did. Now, hundreds of thousands of students and teachers are stroking their creative genius animating and drawing with Doink’s Animation and Drawing app.

Their Green Screen app is the simplest way to get going using a green screen. Sure you can do news videos, the weather and other traditional green screen gems with the Green Screen App, but teachers have taken to Twitter in droves to show off some amazing and creative ways to use a green screen and the Green Screen App in classrooms. Teachers have taken their students to the moon, created monster movies and even acted out history using the Green Screen App. Find out more here. 

Kahoot-top Back 2 School: 4 Tools That Spark Creativity In The ClassroomThis Digital Startup Already Has Over 1 billion  Students Playing Their Teacher Created Trivia Games

Alex, What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an easy, no simple to use tool for teachers to make interactive trivia type games for students to play injecting with whatever it is they’re learning today.

The games are created on the teacher’s device and then shared via smart board, Clear Touch or other screen at the front of the classroom. Students play along on their devices making it personalized group fun.  Teachers create a “campfire moment” for the students participating.  After the game, students are encouraged to create and share their own Kahoots.

“Social learning promotes discussion and pedagogical impact… whether players are in the same room or on the other side of the globe! After a game, encourage players to create and share their own kahoots to deepen understanding, mastery and purpose.” the company says.

Kahoot isn’t your everyday clicker game system. Kahoot emphasizes student engagement through competition making  it more fun to learn. They’ve also added game components like nick names, leaderboards, music and interactives. It’s part game show, part clicker game, part educational tool.  It’s been widely adopted worldwide. Over 1 billion players are on Kahoot.

At ISTE they announced an even deeper mobile integration. Now kids can play Kahoots on their mobile device without being part of the connected classroom. Teachers can assign Kahoots for homework or students can choose from millions of Kahoots online. Topics from exploring photosynthesis to the War of 1812 and everything in between can be found on Kahoot. One of the best parts is that teachers globally are creating and sharing Kahoots with a world of engaged learners. Find out more here at 

Flipgrid-ISTE-top Back 2 School: 4 Tools That Spark Creativity In The ClassroomHave You Got The Fever

Teachers Everywhere Are Catching Flipgrid Fever

Flipgrid Fever is a good thing. Teachers are on fire about this amazing video discussion tool that allows students voices to be heard. Flipgrid allows students to respond to questions and more in videos and then the videos are all put together in a grid. Teachers add the topics and students respond with short videos. As each student uploads their response, the teacher, and the other students can view those responses, quickly.

Unlike any other tool out there Flipgrid delivers social learning, reflection and simplicity. Each student gets to share in their own voice. Teachers and other students can give feedback that helps them understand the material and how to best present themselves on video, both skills necessary in todays world. It takes just a few minutes to get started with Flipgrid.

“Student communication of thinking and reasoning involves ALL students, not just the ones who raise their hands during class discussion. Flipgrid allows for students to hear multiple ways of problem solving. Flipgrid has changed my classroom.” Jennifer Saarinen, a middle school math teacher said.

Each grid is a topic. Say you’re discussing world history, specifically the middle east. The teacher would create a grid, ask a question or steer the topic and the students would respond.

There’s an infinite way to use Flipgrid in the classroom, start today at