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Blackboard Goes Even More Mobile With Blackboard Instructor App

Blackboard Unveils New Mobile Experience For Instructors At BbWorld 17

img_0015 Blackboard Goes Even More Mobile With Blackboard Instructor App
Blackboard kicked off LMS Week in New Orleans on Wednesday afternoon with a keynote celebrating their 20th anniversary, an address from former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden, and several technology announcements further solidifying their commitment to a student centered learning management system, in line and even more progressive than the technological demands of students and instructors in 2017.

The keynote kicked off with homage paid to the Palm Pilot, the monochrome PDA that was the bees knees in technology in 1997 and one of th earliest predecessors to the smartphone. We were also reminded that when Blackboard debuted, Titanic was the box office blockbuster and the Mars Rover was the latest in space aged technology.

When the Palm Pilot debuted they were primarily for tech savvy business people and progressive nerds. Today, we walk around with devices in our pockets with 100,000x the computing power of the top of the line Palm Pilot. With that Blackboard continues to innovate and insure that their learning management system is accessible for all in as many places as possible.

That’s why, as part of the keynote address, Blackboard unveiled a Blackboard Instructor a new mobile app for instructors.  The feature packed app allows instructors to check on their courses and course comtent, communicate with their students through discussion threads, and messaging and even create announcements on the fly, 

Not only does Blackboard Instructor increase productivity and help give more time back to instructors but it also allows the instructor the flexibility to address student and classroom concerns from anywhere and at anytime.

Blackboard Instructor compliments the Blackboard App for students, Blackboard’s next generation native mobile solution that helps students stay organized, engaged and up to date on their academic progress and requirements.

We understand that instructors don’t have time to waste, and that’s why we’ve created a mobile solution focused on the key workflows and tools most important in their everyday lives,” said Brook Bock, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at Blackboard. “Whether they’re quickly checking in on their courses, reviewing content or communicating with students, Blackboard Instructor puts critical tools in the hands of instructors, whenever and wherever they need it.”

Blackboard Instructor is available in the iTunes App Store and the Google a Play store. You can find out more here.