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Blackboard Chooses Modo Labs As Official Campus App Partner

modolabs-blackboard-top Blackboard Chooses Modo Labs As Official Campus App PartnerBlackboard Chooses Modo Labs As Campus App Partner, Replacing In House Solution, Mosaic

Back in 2013 Blackboard announced that they were getting into the mobile apps business. More specifically, through a product they called Mosaic, Blackboard was able to offer a one size fits all solution to their thousands of college and university customers that already trusted the company for it’s learning management system.

In the rapidly changing mobile technology world this announcement four years ago made perfect sense. College and University Blackboard partners could get up and running with a campus wide mobile app that was able to quickly integrate with Blackboard LMS.

Mobile technology has evolved. In 2013 mobile apps were  a compliment to a college or universities technology landscape. In 2017, mobile apps are often the first place post millennial and Gen Z students go.

Modo Labs offers a customizable campus wide mobile app platform. Colleges and Universities like MIT, Notre Dame, Rhode Island School of Design, UMass and countless others have chosen ModoLabs for several key reasons:

  • Colleges and universities can take as much or as little of the Modo Labs experience as they want
  • ModoLabs is quicker to deploy than other mobile app providers
  • Colleges and Universities can quickly add content and functionality themselves, without having to rewrite an app

ModoCampus offers everything from LMS integration to financial services, payment services, transportation schedules even campus news, and local/regional news in customizable features that can be quickly added or deleted from the app experience. The goal with ModoCampus is to offer one and only one centralized app for all of campus life.

For Blackboard to offer this kind of functionality through it’s Mosaic business they would have to take focus away from their core product in order to make sure that their mobile offerings were compatible with every other app a student needs. That’s why they’ve decided to shutter the Mosaic business to new college deployments and have selected ModoLabs as their official app partner.

“We’re pleased to select Modo Labs in providing our Higher Education clients with a powerful and high profile mobile app platform for their general campus-wide needs,” Brook Bock, Blackboard’s Vice President of Mobile and Student Success Solutions said in a statement. “This partnership nicely complements our student success and engagement strategy, as we continue to invest strongly in a broad portfolio of mobile education technology solutions, and build a powerful ecosystem of products that help institutions meet students’ learning and advancement needs.”

Through Modo Campus™, Blackboard clients will be able to rapidly deploy compelling apps for any purpose and without any development experience, and include dozens of pre-built modules, such as dining, transit, news, social, emergency notifications, rideshare, athletics, LMS, social, maps, special events, and more. Administrators can use Modo Communicate™ to increase app usage and engagement with targeted and personalized communication with push notifications, in-app banners, opt-in channels, and beacon-triggered alerts. Modo Analyze™ gives unique, real-time insight into user engagement to help institutions evolve their app to measure how they’re meeting their organization’s constantly changing needs.

“We are very excited to have been chosen for this joint effort with Blackboard so that we can offer even more institutions the most modern, beautiful and engaging campus-wide mobile experience possible” said Stewart Elliot, CEO of Modo Labs. “We look forward to working with Blackboard clients around the world and help them transform their digitally connected campus through mobile.”

You can check out ModoLabs here and Blackboard here. 

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