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Bloxels Is Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporters Favorite, And It’s Her Birthday

Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporter Celebrates Her Birthday By Giving Away Her Favorite EdTech

bloxel-top-2 Bloxels Is Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporters Favorite, And It's Her Birthday

Our 9 year old edtech reporter, Tatum F, won’t be a 9 year old edtech reporter much longer. We’re rooting through her desk drawers and throwing away the last of her business cards that say “9 year old ed tech reporter” because Sunday she turns 10.

While she was nine she saw some amazing edtech. So far in 2017 she’s covered TCEA, SXSWedu, ALA, ISTE and the National Principal’s Conference. She’s played with, tested, and tried out 73 different edtech games, toys, robots and computers and declared that Bloxels is her favorite. It wasn’t easy though, the big runner up was Pi-Top and honorable mention is Augie, but he’s not out yet.

Bloxels is one of those educational games/activities that has an actual physical play/design space along with an app to go along with it. It’s a product of St. Louis based edtech startup Pixel Press.  The company was founded on the idea of creating game experiences for both sides of the brain the analytical left side and the creative right side. Robin Rath, Daniel Wiseman, Josh Stevens, and Rob Bennet are the founders of the company.

Bloxels allows kids to create their own 8 bit video game worlds using Bloxel blocks that are like little in real life pixels. Then, using an iPad they bring their video games to life with worlds, characters, scenery, water, volcanoes, pitfalls and more.

One of the biggest things Tatum loves about Bloxels is that it’s never, ever the same. Once the blocks come off the board they can be constructed into something new, new games, new levels and new characters.

We first found out about Bloxels from Robert Kalman on Twitter who incorporated Bloxels into a talk at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio. At ISTE Tatum interviewed Josh Stevens one of the co-founders of Bloxels. Off camera she was able to get some important game building tips and overcome a hurdle she had in constructing one of her games.

So now, as Tatum transforms into our 10 year old edtech reporter she wants to give away two complete, brand new Bloxels sets so that you can see how much fun they are. This contest is open to kids, adults, parents and teachers and here’s what we’re going to do. Really in two easy steps

  • Follow our very soon to be 10 year old edtech reporter @Tatumftech on Twitter
  • Tweet her a Happy Birthday Tweet and hashtag #welovebloxels

On Monday morning we’ll use a randomizer and pick two random winners and we’ll mail ya the Bloxels sets. You’re going to absolutely love it as much as she does. Have a great weekend and if you’re in Harvey’s path hunker down.

Here’s the fine print:

one tweet entry per day per Twitter account (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Must follow TatumFTech and must use hashtag #welovebloxels. Winner will be chosen at 4pm Eastern Time Monday August 28th and notified by DM through TatumFTech account for address. Allow 7-10 days for shipping.