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Brainitz Will Help Teachers Flipping The Classroom

Colorado Springs Startup Turns Educational Videos Into Interactive Lessons

brainitz-top Brainitz Will Help Teachers Flipping The Classroom

Brainitz Founder Clint Knox (image: Kickstarter)

Here in the thick of EdTech conference season we’re going to see a whole lot of new technology in education products. One of those products, Brainitz, is the brain child of Colorado Springs Educator Clint Knox.

Like many, Knox has incorporated videos into his teaching style. He believes that videos allow students a different way to understand the material and learn at their own pace. But as many teachers have seen, videos can be a double edged sword. Many students will grasp the content through various video formats. While others may struggle with the content and watch the video without a real understanding.

It’s the latter that Knox is hoping to reach with a platform he created for his own classroom. Brainitz, is an interactive video platform that allows teachers to record their own content or use videos from third party sources like Ted Talks and Youtube. It also allows teachers to add their own questions anywhere they want, throughout the material.

As the questions appear on the students screens, the video lesson is paused so the student can answer the question. If the student gets the question correct it continues playing the video from where it left off. If the student doesn’t get the question correct, the video goes back to the material and let’s the student re-watch it. This process happens until the student gets the question right.

As Knox used his system more and more he caught the eyes of over 50 colleagues who wanted to use Brainitz in their classrooms as well. Now he has turned to Kickstarter for a larger scale launch.

Knox is raising $10,000 on Kickstarter to help with business formation, marketing and data storage.

We have developed and used a prototype in a large high school in Colorado Springs for almost a year. Students that used Brainitz showed 5% greater growth than those taught with traditional lecture. Kids loved the program as it allowed them to progress at their own pace. One student even said, “It’s like my own personal teacher.” Knox says.

You can back Brainitz on Kickstarter here. 


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