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Bulb Is Much More Than A Trapper Keeper [TCEA 2017]

Bulb’s Digital Portfolio’s Make Students Shine For A Life Time

Trapper-Keper-bulbstory Bulb Is Much More Than A Trapper Keeper [TCEA 2017]

When Bulb Co-founder Eric Goldreyer asked me what I thought a digital portfolio was, I replied “a digital Trapper Keeper” a reference to the 1980’s Mead 3 ring binders we all knew and loved. He quickly told me I wasn’t wrong, but that’s not exactly what Bulb was. I anxiously waited to hear and see more, from the startup co-founders who both go by the name Eric.

The problem with most digital portfolio products is that they are just digital lockers for student work. What’s more is that most of the available digital portfolio’s on the edtech market, stay with the classroom, grade level or school where they started. The digital portfolio market is so fragmented that one teacher in one school may use one product, and the teacher in the classroom next door may use a different product that’s not compatible.

While digital portfolios haven’t been around that long, we can imagine a high school senior, headed off to college, rooting through usernames and passwords for 40 different accounts, trying to find all of their school work from their k-12 career.

Bulb wants to be a centralized digital portfolio for any student anywhere. They also want that student to be able to carry that portfolio with them throughout their entire scholastic career.

Bulb-top Bulb Is Much More Than A Trapper Keeper [TCEA 2017]

But Bulb is even more than that.

Bulb isn’t just the locker, it’s also the creation platform. Built into Bulb are creative tools that allow students, or anyone, the ability to create a portfolio, customize the portfolio and bring content in from any place they want. Bulb allows their users to create groups that can access different types of content within their portfolio. This makes it possible for the high school sophomore to have a resume group, a school work group and even a group for their poems, art or sports statistics.

Bulb is highly customizable, and at the TCEA 2017 show they showed off all the different ways students are using Bulb along a wall of framed digital screens.  The variety of student portfolios on display at TCEA showed resumes, classwork, short stories, art made for school, art made as side projects, photography portfolios and more.

Launched just weeks ago new features will allow students to embed document files such as PDFs and Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files for the first time. A tightened permissions system will give students control over who can view and comment on their content as well as an enhanced presentation mode experience.

Teachers are utilizing Bulb in their own ways as well. They are storing lesson plans, projects and other work that they can keep with them throughout their career and share for professional development. Bulb wants students to take their Bulb portfolio with them past high school, to college or out into the workforce.

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