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Let Your Students Go Back To School With Some Buncee Buddies

Buncee’s Re-Invented PenPal Program Sparks Collaboration, Creativity and Friendship Amongst Global Student Participants

buncee-buddies-top Let Your Students Go Back To School With Some Buncee Buddies

Buncee is an amazing creative tool that allows teachers to create interactive lessons, games, visuals and more.   It allows students to get just as creative.  Buncee allows the user, whether a teacher or a student (or a fan of Desperate Housewives) to get as creative as they want by bringing a variety of creative tools and content into one place. Users can bring together Buncee artwork, photos, videos, drawings, animations, audio, links and more into one digital canvas. Then the cloud based creation becomes easily sharable.

Teachers are using Buncee to create everything from interactive game show style learning lessons to mini movie projects about Christopher Columbus and everything in between. Some teachers are using Buncee to share information about themselves with parents, and heck other teachers are using Buncee to get parents to come to their events. The skies the limit when it comes to what can be created with the super powerful but super easy to use tool. Creation is almost intuitive.

In fact, (pardon us for forgetting her name) but a 48 year old teacher from the Chicago area told us at ISTE 2017 that even she could use Buncee and she was pretty technically challenged. She admitted that she could barely set the clock on her microwave. Now that’s easy.

Buncee is backed by an amazing ambassador program reaching around the entire world and an extremely active social audience of users that don’t promote Buncee per se but what they are doing with Buncee and how it’s affecting real change with students. That unique, but ever-important base is the same kind of following our friends at FlipGrid have as well.

It’s that world-wide reach and collaboration amongst educators that sparked Buncee into creating “Buncee Buddies” last year. Buncee buddies is a modern day take on the penpal both digital and creative, and using Buncee.  Since the program’s launch in 2016 they’ve connected 456 classrooms from 28 countries.

Buncee buddies is a great way for global teachers to collaborate with one another and for global students to get to know one another, collaborate with one another and be creative with one another. While the benefits to any pen pal program are pretty clear, Buncee loves the fact that teachers and students want to get behind something that’s really going to make a difference.

For the 2017 program Buncee is encouraging classrooms around the world to think about “The Sustainable Development Goal” as outlined by the United Nations.  They also want students to think about needs and issues that local communities face, collaborating with their peers and pen pals to create innovative solutions.

Teachers can sign their class up  for Buncee Buddies before September 8th  here

After you’re signed up here are the six project steps for Buncee Buddies.

  1. Once you receive your pen pal’s contact information, reach out and say hello! Set up a date for a video call and discuss how you’d like to share your Buncee with each other. You can use email and more to share! Check out this link for ideas on sharing Buncees with your Buncee Buddies.
  2. If your classroom doesn’t have a Buncee account yet, create an account for you and your students! Upon signing up for the project, Buncee Buddies classrooms receive a 30 day coupon code for Buncee Classroom to their email.
  3. Begin with a class discussion focused around the idea of community, global and local. For third – fifth grade classrooms, use this four day lesson sequence created by Buncee Ambassador & Instructional Resource Teacher Amy Nichols to introduce the project! As a class, brainstorm certain issues in your community and discuss them. The issues can be environmental, social, economic, educational, or health related…just to name a few. Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals and resources shared on Twitter with the #TeachSDGs hashtag as guidance as you discuss the issues in your community.
  4. Write a list of some community needs (global or local) in front of the class and have each student choose one that they’d like to address OR choose one to work on together as a class.
  5. Students will then create a Buncee of their ideas to solve the issue. Buncees can be made by each student, or you can create one together. The Buncee should incorporate text, video, audio, and photos.
  6. Share your Buncees! If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, share them with the hashtag #BunceeBuddies and #TeachSDGs. You can meet your Buddies via video call before, after, or numerous times before the Buncee exchange.