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Campus Tech: Finally Digital Student ID’s From A Company Who Gets It

ID123 To Show Off The Next Generation Of Student ID At Campus Technology 2017 Conference

id123-top Campus Tech: Finally Digital Student ID's From A Company Who Gets It

The other day I used my iPhone and Apple Pay to purchase over $5,000 in furniture in one swipe. I use my phone for admittance into every Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals baseball game I attend. I keep important documents on my phone and I can even use it to start my car. So why can’t I use it for identification purposes?

Technology trends tell us that soon we will be able to use fingerprint data for nearly everything, even identification but the next progressive step is smartphones and that’s precisely what ID123 is doing.

Would it be a leap to suggest that just about every college student in America has a smartphone? Probably not, so why are they forced to carry around an old, antiquated ID card. We know first hand that there is blockchain technology being developed that may make the driver’s license obsolete by the year 2022 but a college or high school ID? That should be something that students can use their phones for now.

ID123 feels the same way.

With ID123’s app, found in the Google Play Store and the iTunes app store, students can easily self-issue their digital student IDs using the data from their plastic ID cards. As more and more schools familiarize themselves with this technology the dependency on the plastic cards will lessen.

At several division I schools, students can already use their phones for their “student section” tickets to basketball and football games. Typically the caveat is they still need to bring their wallet with their ID to match the digital ticket. Not any more with apps like ID123.

ID123’s technology can work with ID scanners at college and high school campuses. A dashboard on the administrator side means that a digital ID via the company’s app can be revoked or upgraded with the touch of a button.

ID123 allows the same features and security as a plastic ID card with the convenience and flexibility of a virtual ID on a smart phone.

Check out their technology at the Campus Technology Conference in Chicago July 17-20th, booth #324 and online at