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What Does Cards Against Humanity Have To Do With STEM Education?

cards-against-humanity-scholarship-top What Does Cards Against Humanity Have To Do With STEM Education?

Popular adult game Cards Against Humanity is serious about STEM (photo: nibletz)

Cards Against Humanity’s Science Expansion Pack Funding Scholarship For Women In STEM

We all know that STEM careers can be very lucrative. We are also acutely aware of the fact that there is a huge divide between the number of women and the number of men in STEM careers. This starts with higher education, where there are several initiatives to get more female students enrolled in STEM programs.

But what could the adult game Cards Against Humanity have to do with any of this. In fact just saying Cards Against Humanity on an edtech website makes us prone to get a beating from mommy Facebook groups everywhere. But alas there is a means to this madness and it starts with how socially driven the founders of the hit game are.

Cards Against Humanity is an adult card game where players are dealt cards to make the most ludicrous, inappropriate and often obnoxious sentences possible. The players basically vote on the crudest of the sentences formed by the cards and that player wins. For some, the game can be quite fun. For others, it sets off triggers and the need to find one’s happy and safe place.

The company is known for their sarcastic wit and over the top humor, even in the marketing. Three years ago for example, the company increased the price of the game on their website for $5 on Black Friday and sold thousands of copies. They followed that promotion up in 2015 by just having people give them $5 on Black Friday, raking in $71,000 in the process.

On the social front, this year they announced that they were raising money to buy property along the United States/Mexico border in hopes to stifle President Trump’s plans to build a wall. When they announced this social promotion they said they would make sure to hire the best imminent domain attorney in the country to represent them.

Cards Against Humanity is serious about women in STEM. To that end, they’ve announced the Science Ambassador Scholarship, a full tuition scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year, specifically for women entering the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. In order to apply for the scholarship interested high school students that identify as female had to submit a video to the scholarship website. A panel of women with STEM degrees will evaluate the videos, that were due earlier this week, and announce ten finalists in January. They will reveal the final winner in April 2018 in time for the student selected  to use the scholarship towards their education next year.

The Science Expansion Pack is their latest expansion pack featuring 30 science related cards. The pack costs $10 and 100% of the proceeds are going towards the Science Ambassador Scholarship program. To date they’ve raised over $1 million dollars for this effort. The pack, introduced in 2015, was authored by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s Zach Weinersmith and Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait.

This is the third year of the scholarship contest. In the first year Cards Against Humanity paid for the first three years of the winner’s tuition at a cost of around $150,000.00.  The student, Sona Dadhania, attends the University of Pennsylvania. The 2017 winner was Anna Barth, who is studying physics at Harvey Mudd College.

This is a great way to get even more students interested in attending college to pursue STEM careers. We’re not gonna lie, it’s got to be bad ass to tell fellow students that Cards Against Humanity is paying for your education.

Find out more at the official scholarship website here.