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As Apple Prepares For Battle, CDI Reaches Chromebook Milestone

chromebooks-CDI-top As Apple Prepares For Battle, CDI Reaches Chromebook MilestoneCDI’s Chromebook Milestone Re-Iterates Google’s Position In The Classroom

Later today (Tuesday) Apple will be holding an event at a Chicago high school. Many believe it’s to release a new iPad with features designed for education. Apple is by far a leader in business and enterprise however they’ve been eclipsed by both Microsoft and Google.

Google Chromebooks have taken a wide foothold on the education market as more and more school districts and systems across the country move to 1:1 initiatives. Chromebook affordability and the Chrome ecosystem make Chromebooks a no-brainer when it comes to outfitting every student with a device. One of the companies that’s been spearheading Google Chromebook implementation is CDI.   CDI Computer Dealers, a leading provider of technology to schools, is helping schools transition to the Chromebook ecosystem and is now meeting the Chromebook needs of more than 2,000 schools and districts.

CDI Computer Dealers is a one-stop-shop for schools’ Chromebook initiatives. The company provides a variety of Chromebook custom services (white glove), device management, software, warranties, professional development, and the accessories needed to ensure successful implementation of the technology. For schools getting ready to retire their old fleet of Chromebooks, CDI offers a trade-in program and I.T. asset disposition services for aging technology.

“Chromebook initiatives provide exciting opportunities to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom and to take advantage of the vast amount of online digital curricula available.” said Glenn Collins, vice president of mobile computing at CDI. “We have gained great experience by helping more than 2,000 schools and districts with the implementation and support of the Chrome ecosystem. We leverage this experience and work closely with Google to provide exceptional value for anyone wishing to maximize the impact of this technology in the classroom.”

To assist teachers, administrators and IT staff with professional development as they transition to the Chromebook ecosystem, CDI has partnered with EdTechTeam which offers professional development workshops led by EdTechTeam’s staff of Google Innovators and Certified Trainers.

Cullman City Schools in Alabama recently purchased 1,200 Chromebooks from CDI to expand its district-wide 1:1 initiative to the high school. The initiative has been extremely successful.

“We believe in the power of education technology to reshape a school culture,” said Josh Swindall, district coordinator of federal programs/CTE & Technology. “Since going 1:1 we have seen an increase in student achievement and engagement, and a decrease in disciplinary incidents. We found a good partner with CDI and are happy with how our initiative is going.”

CDI is a Google Education Partner and in addition to providing Chromebooks, supports schools with deployment services, professional development, software and custom app bundles for their Chromebook initiatives. To learn more about and view a video describing CDI’s Chromebook offerings, visit

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