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Choosito Is A Search and Learn Tool Designed For K-12 Students

No Filtering Necessary, Choosito Is A Search and Learn Tool Designed For K-12 Students

Content filtering can be a great tool but sometimes it misses. Sometimes your school’s content filter blocks content students need to access and doesn’t block content that student’s don’t need to access. Nowadays so many innocent words have not so innocent meanings which could serve up some bad results.

What if there was a search engine designed just for students?

Well there is.

Choosito is an National Science Foundation backed startup based in Philadelphia. They are a student search engine and digital library that provides high quality personalized content and resources. The search results are curated so that there’s no need for a filter using the Choosito search engine. When you search for dirty panda’s you’ll get results with panda bears with dirt on them and nothing else.

choosito-ss Choosito Is A Search and Learn Tool Designed For K-12 StudentsChoosito has over 200,000+ teacher curated and selected resources (and growing daily). All of the Choosito resources are organized by reading level and subject are. Choosito even allows users to curate their own resource collections. Maybe you need to make standards aligned resource collections, or you’re doing a focus topic for an entire semester. Either way with Choosito all your results are in one centralized place. You’ll get all the results you want, without the ones you don’t.

The resources found using Choosito are continually curated and optimized by both teachers and students. Students have the ability to rate the resource (result). They can rate the quality of the result so if it’s really good then it will appear quicker and if it’s not so good it can move to the bottom or be replaced all together.

Within Choosito instructors can customize the experience all the way down to the types of sites it returns. For instance, a teacher can decide to totally block shopping sites so their students will never see  shopping site in their results.

The platform is constantly evolving and adding new features. Backed by the National Science Foundation and currently accelerating through Learn Launch, Choosito is quickly becoming a favorite amongst teachers everywhere.

You can find out more about Choosito here at choosito.com