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Are EdTech Industry Awards Worth The Money

edtechawards-prp-top Are EdTech Industry Awards Worth The MoneyWith The Big EdTech Conferences On The Horizon, Are EdTech Industry Awards Worth The Money?

It may seem like it’s far away but after the holidays we will be knee deep in EdTech conference season. FETC, TCEA, SXSWedu and then ISTE will pop up quicker than you know it. Our friend Julia Brolin, penned this piece on the value of EdTech Industry Awards on the PR With Panache blog last week.

By: Julia Brolin

“How big of deal are these awards?”

“Is this award worth my money?”

“Why should I enter awards in the first place?”

Whether from start-ups or well-established companies, these are questions we get every year during the education industry’s award season. Industry awards should be part of your marketing and PR plan, so we recommend leaving room in your budget for them. Not all awards are right for every company, so it’s important to select right awards for the right reasons.


So why should your company throw its hat in the ring for ed tech industry awards? Here are five reasons.

  1. Earning a Stamp of Approval: Smell that? It’s third-party validation! Why wouldn’t prospective customers want to partner with an award-winning team or company? When your product or company gets an award, it’s a clear sign that what you are offering is credible, reliable, and has a positive impact on the industry. It sets you apart from others in the marketplace.
  2. Building Client Goodwill and Trust: Awards make customers proud of the partner they’ve chosen to work with. Have your users share in the celebration by thanking them because they are the reason you do what you do! Also, encourage them to share the news with their inner circle, as it may encourage new customers.
  3. Increasing Employee Morale: Celebrating wins with your teams provides tremendous opportunities for culture-building and recognizing the hard work your staff puts in every day. Award-winning companies attract the best and brightest employees who will do great work for you, your customers, and the company as a whole.
  4. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure: Do I need to say it again? EXPOSURE! Getting your name out there through positive brand recognition is literally the definition of good PR. When your company or product name is attached to an award, it creates the trust and familiarity that all brands strive for. Even if you don’t win first place, there are still ways you can make a big deal out of a nomination or even an entry. Awards are a great way to get your name out there—plus, you don’t know the ROI until you try!
  5. Making Your Competition Take Notice: You’ve got a close eye on your competitors, right? You know they’re watching your every move, too. Entering (and, preferably, winning) awards are a way to give your company an edge over your competitors. Flaunt that winning logo everywhere you can, and let the industry know YOU won!

All that being said, the cost to enter awards varies, as does the time commitment to fill out entry forms. Certain awards even require you to mount a social media campaign to elicit votes for your entry. And of course, some prizes are more prestigious than others. The key is finding awards that fit your marketing goals, budget, and bandwidth.

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