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LocateMySchool Streamlines the School Boundary Communication Process

schoolbuilding-top LocateMySchool Streamlines the School Boundary Communication ProcessThe Web Based SaaS Uses, GIS Technology To Simplify The Sharing of Important School Boundaries, Directions, Bus Stops and Contact Information

LocateMySchool™, a web-based, interactive, software-as-a-service developed by Planware, a division of Educational Data Systems, now provides 24/7 access to important school boundary information, directions from an entered address, and contact info in one application.

 “LocateMySchool boosts school communication and simplifies the sharing of pertinent information with parents and the community that may not be easy for them to obtain otherwise,” said Caroline Fahmy, the CEO and president of Educational Data Systems. “Maps, boundaries, data points, and contact information often change, causing static PDF school boundary maps to go out of date fairly quickly. With LocateMySchool, our geographic information systems (GIS) staff checks in with district users on a quarterly basis to ensure that data is current. It’s one less thing districts have to worry about updating.”

 After a quick implementation process, LocateMySchool provides:

  • a single platform offering access to accurate,colorful, layered school boundary maps and customized locations such as bus stops, crossing guards, daycare or after-schoolcenters, and sports venues;
  • a familiar Google Maps interface delivering walking, biking, or driving directions from any entered address within the district;
  • multi-language support and Google Translate features; and
  • live customer service and support.

 LocateMySchool provides a customized link to school and district websites, making its wealth of information accessible from any device that is connected to the Internet, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

“The beauty of LocateMySchool is that it can be used independently from a school information system, learning management system, or transportation software, but has been built in a way that it can easily be integrated into other existing systems,” said Fahmy. It’s a valuable tool that has been shown to save districts time spent on phone calls related to transportation and school boundaries. We have had some district personnel tell us that they keep LocateMySchool open on their screen all day to address the calls as they come in.”

Because seeing an interactive visualization of school boundaries is often easier to understand than PDF maps, districts can also use LocateMySchool to provide a visual display of different or proposed boundary scenarios for presentation to boards, committees, parents, and the public for review. These alternate LocateMySchool sites can be publicly available or password protected for special planning committees.

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