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TCEA 2018 Video: Follett Is Your School’s Source For Library and Classroom Materials

MSD-Banner720x90-PlanDanceYellowTcea2 TCEA 2018 Video: Follett Is Your School's Source For Library and Classroom MaterialsOur 10 Year Old Ed Tech Reporter Spoke With Sheila and Tammy to Catch Up On Follett At TCEA 2018

Most K-12 educators, teachers and especially librarians, know the name Follett. Follett is the largest provider of educational material and technology solutions to Pre-K-12 libraries, classrooms, learning centers, schools and districts across the country. Whether you’re looking to update your school’s media center or source a certain text book for a class, Follett can handle all of those things big and small.

At TCEA 2018 our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum F received a tweet from Shannon Miller who suggested she check out the  Follett booth at the show.

This year they have some exciting news. They just finished up their 2018 People’s Choice awards which rewards $200,000 in products and services to schools/districts that have nominated their innovative educational programs that teach 21st century skills to students. Semi-finalists in this contest won $30,000 in products and the grand prize winner received an additional $30,000 in products for their schools.

Follett also announced an update to their software, Destiny (15.5). Destiny is the most widely used school library management platform in the world. Over 65,000 schools and libraries across the globe trust Destiny because it is packed with features that make the library experience much easier for librarians, teachers and ultimately students.

What Tatum found most interesting is that Follett is now going to start hosting book fairs at their customer schools. The book fairs will be similar in nature to the ones schools hold through Scholastic but with access to books from publishers that Follett has had relationships with for years. Schools turning to Follett for their book fairs will enjoy profit sharing and teachers, students and parents will be able to purchase books that they might not easily find at their local book store or even a Scholastic book fair.

Check out Tatum’s interview with Tammy and Sheila above and for more information visit follettlearning.com 

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