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Gamification Meets Education With EdCoda

Kansas City Startup EdCoda Is Gamifying Education

EdCoda-Codaquest-1 Gamification Meets Education With EdCoda

We’d be amiss to say that EdCoda was the only startup that was gamifying education, but the Kansas City startup is doing it in a different way. There are a lot of “educational” games out there that are teaching kids everything from math to geology and everything in between. So many of those games are said to be for grades 3-5 or 6-8 but in reality the presentation is something that most kids were playing when they were five. We’re at a new day and age where most kids entering elementary school have already had three or four years in front of a screen.

That’s the way it is for my daughter who was playing frog laden educational games at age 3. Now at age nine and in the fourth grade she’s a pro at Minecraft, Roblox and the Sims. So what happens when you put a traditional educational game in front of her, she beats it in five minutes and gets bored. You know what happens with the bored student.

EdCoda, a Kansas City startup, has entered the edtech space with a 3d game called CodaQuest. The game provides a 3D environment that’s more familiar to most kids. It also allows students to customize avatars and keeps students occupied with mind blowing puzzles, they are accustomed to, like minigames.

EdCoda-Codaquest-2 Gamification Meets Education With EdCoda

On the teacher side EdCoda offers an easy to understand dashboard that keeps track of grading, tracking and performance. The dashboard offers state aligned content that meets common core, TEKS and MAFS standards.

EdCoda comes complete with lessons and questions that are all state aligned. They also allow teachers to customize their content and questions.

Students that play the game are able to get feedback on what they’ve worked on. ““This game makes homework so much more fun! It also lets me know what I need to work on and get better in when I get to class.” Sarah, a student said.

Where EdCoda really gets it is they’ve created an ecosystem rather than just a game. The EdCoda team also comes from the game development world which has helped them to create a more immersive experience.

You can check out EdCoda here.