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Good Life Founder Joins 7 Mindsets

Self Made Entrepreneur and Education Leadership Expert Joins 7 Mindsets Leadership Team

Roberto Rivera is from the streets and from day one, has been an entrepreneur. “By middle school his mis-directed entrepreneurship skills got him kicked out” he says of himself at a TedX talk in Grand Rapids Michigan.  At a young age Rivera was labeled LD (learning deficient) but soon discovered he wasn’t learning deficient at all, he just learned differently. With that knowledge in hand he started doing better in school and eventually created his own major at a Big 10 university.

Through this process of self discovery and realizing that his passion was helping others and his community, Rivera eventually earned an award from former President Bill Clinton. The organization he created him landed him the honor of being labeled “one of the top young change agents in America”.

RobertoRivera-top Good Life Founder Joins 7 Mindsets

Rivera’s organization, The Good Life Alliance, offers students often labeled “learning deficient” or “at risk”, a new way to conceptualize the learning experience and feel good about themselves while doing it. Rivera’s been praised for his non conformist ways of teaching and getting kids engaged in learning. When Good Life goes into a school or district, administrators and educators are often wow’ed at the results.

Good Life was recently acquired by 7 mindsets, the nation’s top social emotional learning platform. With that Rivera joins the executive leadership team as it’s new Chief Empowerment Officer. Good Life’s curriculum, Fulfill The Dream, will be integrated into the 7 Mindsets Academy Portal.

“I’m delighted to join the 7 Mindsets team,” said Rivera. “My role will involve connecting research and practice in a way that expands the empirical base of our approach, while evolving a model that transforms schools and communities in the process.”

The Good Life Organization publishes multimedia educational tools and trains educators, youth workers, and parents in connecting positive youth development to community development. TGLO is best known for its Fulfill the Dream curriculum and its whole-community outcomes in Chicago and Milwaukee schools. Those outcomes include GPAs going up by a full point cumulatively in one quarter, attendance increasing from 55% to 96% in one month, and alternative schools reaching 100% graduation rates. This work has extended beyond school walls in urban communities, sparking gang peace treaties and inspiring community events that helped people save their homes.

“The mission of our new leadership team is to create an environment of hope in all schools across the nation.” said Lupita Knittel, the President of 7 Mindsets. “We’ve joined forces with The Good Life Organization as a major step towards that vision.”




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