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Yes Google Is Releasing New Pixelbook Chromebook At $1199

Google-Pixelbook-Droidlife Yes Google Is Releasing New Pixelbook Chromebook At $1199

Leak reveals, Google set to announce Pixelbook October 4th (photo: DroidLife)

Details Revealed On New Google Pixelbook Chromebook, Starts at $1199

A recent leak put the end to rumors that Google was releasing a new and possibly upgraded Pixelbook. The high end Chromebook device is coming back, and it’s beautiful. The original high end “Pixel” Chromebook is being rebooted under the name Pixelbook now that Google’s flagship high end phones wear the Pixel branding.

DroidLife first reported yesterday that the new Pixelbook will set you back $1199 and sport a Pixel Pen stylus and a convertible table/laptop format. It bares a striking resemblance to Microsoft Surface tablets but with Chrome running under the hood.

The Google Pixelbook is set to be revealed at Google’s holiday hardware event slated for October 4th. It will be released alongside the highly anticipated second iteration of the Pixel phone and possibly a rumored Google Home mini. The Google Home mini will be a speaker similar to the Amazon Echo Dot featuring Google Assistant.

DroidLife was also able to get their hands on some of the stats for the upcoming Pixelbook. It will come in a silver finish and have 128gb, 256gb and 512gb configurations. The 128gb model starts at $1199. The 256gb model will be priced at $1399 and if you want to go all the way, the 512gb version will set you back $1749.

The Pixel Pen rivals the Apple Pencil. The pressure sensitive stylus reportedly has tilt support and virtually no lag. The Pen is an optional accessory with a $99 price tag.

When the original Chromebook Pixel was released it had it’s drawbacks. The Chrome OS wasn’t as developed as it is now. Millions of people are using Chromebooks as their daily driver. They are especially useful with educators who want a higher end device with the ability to interact seamlessly with all of the students in their class or school.

The DroidLife report was based on a leak so some of the details could change, but it’s pretty certain that we will see the Google Pixelbook in two weeks. There’s no word on when they will hit the market but it wouldn’t be far off to assume later in October or November.

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